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Art criticism refers to analyzing and evaluating works of art, in art criticism, we look at different forms of art and we view them in a business way. We look at what the piece of art represents, that is the time the a is done, the movement, and the style. We look at each and every feature that makes art what it is. Criticism of art involves four basic steps that are looking at the obvious features. Analyzing the piece of art, deciding on the interpretation and evaluating the importance of the art. A piece of art is a result of the features used by the artist, interpretation of the piece of art should be done by suggesting what the artist is trying to say using the previous stages that have already been done. As the last step of judgment should be issued on the value of the piece of work. Art criticism is the discussion and assessment of artisans. Art is oftentimes criticized on the basis of beauty.

An Application Letter for a Graphic Designer Internship Position
Words • 290
Pages • 2
I am writing to express my interest in a graphic design internship position within your prestigious and reputable company. One of your organization’s works, which is depicted in the Leo Burnett MENA video that I watched online, caught my attention. The video showcases your firm’s dedication to a strong conceptual design that symbolizes the type of graphic designs that I would like to be involved in. The YouTube video inspired me to contribute my own skills as well as learn more…...
“Battle Royale” by Ralph Ellison
Words • 630
Pages • 3
A need for change is a powerful characteristic. Many people say change needs to happen but does nothing about it while on the other hand there’s others who make an effort to change the world the better for themselves or others within our society. The narrator in our story is one of those people who go through life with major struggles but eventually be rewarded by making a name for themselves and sets them apart from others. The narrator and…...
Invisible ManMusic
Concept of Racism in The Invisible Man
Words • 643
Pages • 3
In the Invisible Man, the importance of racial differences are addressed by the anonymous protagonist who shares about his past. Author Ralph Ellison expresses the idea of inequality by portraying the main character as an African American from the south who receives unfair treatment growing up and is “invisible” to the American Society. As the protagonist encounters different characters throughout the novel, Ellison incorporates ideas of social inequality into their roles. Thus … The invisible man’s identity is invisible to…...
Invisible ManMusic
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San Diego Museum of Art Painting
Words • 1447
Pages • 6
The collection of paintings that the San Diego Museum of Art holds, is quite exquisite. They have galleries featuring paintings from some of the most world renowned painters, including several paintings from Claude Monet, and has featured painters, including, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and more. SDMA art galleries hold paintings painted by American painters, to Early European painters, Middle Eastern painters and more. Their wide ranged galleries of hundreds of paintings, have always captivated me. In this paper, I will…...
Art analysisArt Gallery
Visiting The National Gallery Museum 
Words • 607
Pages • 3
Going to the National gallery was amazing and it was a nice experience. I saw a lot of art pictures on the walls like portraits, statue, sculpture garden winter. I saw the sculpture, the movie night of museum featured in battle of the Smithsonian. They have a lot of different designs I really didn’t understand. Some had a body standing on a global without a head wearing African print material with shoes on. Also, I saw sculptures without eyes and…...
Art analysisArt Gallery
The Reality of Digital Art
Words • 1094
Pages • 4
Artwork throughout the histories has been known to be a creative, open minded space. It’s a form of expression, like famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Edgar Degas. But, as time passes on, up to the 21st century, where technology is beginning to reach pikes we dreamed of, the form of digital artwork has began to sprung out. Many individuals have taken accustomed to pursue making comics, or animation, or just digital works. However, not many people agree…...
High Art VS Mass Art
Words • 427
Pages • 2
Fisher implies that piece is considered high art based on whether its type is known historically or traditionally high art. High art requires anyone to have more knowledge to understand and admire it, and low art can simply be absorbed and valued without effort and low art makes little moral or intellectual demands upon us. This cannot be denied that to fully appreciate high art requires education. If we abstain from giving a work of true art status, Fisher explanations, 'it's natural to…...
Study and History of Art
Words • 555
Pages • 3
Art history functions as documentation of the past and can provide a window to connect to the present. The way people of any society view art of the past depends on the narrative structured by art historians, yet those views can be altered. For example, civil rights and feminist movements lead to the reevaluation of Western views of past historians when awareness of the lack of diversity in museums and history books was revealed. The current study of art history…...
Art HistoryPainting
Masks in Egyptian Culture and Art
Words • 1492
Pages • 6
The intricacy of the Egyptian culture is far beyond the comprehension of our time. However, the vast influences of the cultural, political uproars and sacred beliefs have been deciphered through art and sculptures. The dynamic dynasties of the Egyptian government have played a large role in the evolution of art in Egypt. The religion within the culture and government was the biggest contribution to the existence of art in Egypt, especially for the sacred right of mummification and the creation…...
Art HistoryPainting
“Native Son” by Richard Wright Analysis
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
Native Son, written by Richard Wright in 1940, illustrates the life of a 20 year old African American, Bigger Thomas, living in a tenement room in the South Side ghetto with his mother and younger sister and brother. As the novel begins, Bigger’s mother urges him to accept a job that is being offered by Henry Dalton, a wealthy white man who owns much of the property in the ghetto. She tells Bigger that if he refuses, the family will…...
Native SonRichard Wright
Native Son: The Effects of Racism in Past and Present Day 
Words • 1736
Pages • 7
In the novel Native Son by Richard Wright, he explains the different lifestyles that whites and blacks live. For instance, whites can live how they want with extreme benefits, whereas blacks aren’t as fortunate because of their treatment and conditions. Whites are given many exceeding opportunities that overshadow those of blacks in their society. Because of this, blacks are looked upon many as freaks, being poor and not as equal as everyone else, which leads to racism. Racism is “prejudice,…...
Native SonRichard Wright
My Favorite Movie The Schack
Words • 491
Pages • 2
The Schack is a Christian drama based on the novel of William P. Young. The Shack is my favorite movie ever, it tells the story of a heartbroken father called Mack Phillip which had an abusive father. During a camping trip with his three children, his older children fall accidentally into the river from their canoe. While he is rescuing them, Missy his youngest daughter is kidnapped, and later considered dead for the police. Months later, Mack receives an invitation…...
The Camera Portrays the Perspective
Words • 997
Pages • 4
Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock, is a suspenseful film intended to show insight on the act of voyeurism, as well as connect its cinematic audience with the main character. Within this film there are several distinctive scenes, along with different types of framework, that allow the audience to seemingly step into the set themselves. While solidifying his own opinion on voyeurism, Alfred Hitchcock cultivates a connection between the audience and Jeff through human’s natural curiosity. The connectivity of this film…...
Alfred HitchcockCameraRear Window
Quick Tips for Fast Visiting of Walt Disney World
Words • 1469
Pages • 6
Something we truly didn't comprehend before our first Disney World excursions was the means by which to explore utilizing Disney World transportation. This prompted some large dissatisfactions as we attempted to make sense of how to return to our room after supper at an alternate retreat. The truth of the matter is, Disney has a broad (and generally simple to-utilize) transportation framework and once you comprehend what is accessible where, getting around is a breeze. Disney uses a few forms…...
TeamWalt Disney
Leaving in Walt Disney World
Words • 1348
Pages • 5
I think you may be in the situation that you have visited Orlando and the Walt Disney World and your time is out and you have to return back to your home town. Frankly speaking, everybody knows that any trips once come to an end. The joys, leisure and relaxations within a magical theme park have finished and there is no way other than dealing with the fact. Maybe this can be hard for someone. This article tries to suggest…...
TeamWalt Disney
“Sin City” Film Review
Words • 1417
Pages • 6
Introduction Why are dark, cynical, and murderous movies so attention grabbing? The style of film noir draws a viewer away from reality and into a world full dramatic lives and the chance to get away with violent crime. “Sin City” follows three intertwining storylines of dominant male narratives, antagonizers, and femme fatales as well as damsels in distress. The black and white film coined as neo-noir is crime ridden and graphic, but the two hour anthology film goes by quickly.…...
Bright Star Film Review 
Words • 575
Pages • 3
I really enjoyed the film Bright Star. I thought it was a loving and romantic tale. The depiction of Fanny Brawne and John Keats’ love was very innocent and sweet. The chemistry between the actors was magnificent. They beautifully encaptured the innocence of Ms. Brawne and Mr. Keats’ young love. A love which started through words, a bond over poetry, and bits of sweet and witty banter.Through their story they grow closer through a love for each other’s minds. When…...
Film Analysis
Contrast and Comparison Between Classic and Modern Disney Film  
Words • 841
Pages • 4
Sleeping Beauty and Frozen are two animated feature films that both depict similar themes with different artistic styles. Sleeping Beauty, an old classic film that came out in 1959, portrays the theme of true love and it was made with 2D traditional animation. Where as the movie Frozen, released in the year 2013, posses a similar theme but was made with more modern 3D animation. Both animated films are Disney classics that represent the common theme of their versions of…...
Film Analysis
Research Paper: A Comparison of American Movie and Burden of Dreams
Words • 1238
Pages • 5
When we think about “documentary” as a whole, everybody has a different idea of what that might be. As is evident, there are many types of documentary just as there are many types of non-documentary films. But, the differences between the two aren’t as profound once we get a closer look and better understanding of it all. In this paper, I will attempt to take a deeper look into one corner of the documentary world by comparing and contrasting two…...
Film Analysis
An Analysis of the Movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Words • 1877
Pages • 7
Since the dawn of the cinema we have relied on movies to allow us to escape and experience other worlds, cultures, and lives. We seek to use movies as windows into exotic scenes and lifestyles. A great example of a film series that helps us accomplish this experience would be the Fast and the Furious franchise. As most people around the world possibly live mundane and repetitive lives, one might view film franchises such as the Fast and the Furious…...
Film Analysis
The Life and Musical Career Perspective of William Byrd
Words • 2775
Pages • 11
Perhaps I did not acknowledge how fortunate I was to have such a long musical career under the Tudor monarchy in England during the second half of the sixteenth century. Upon my death, I was recognized in the Old Cheque-book of the Chapel Royal of London as “William Byrd, Father of Musick”l and died a wealthy man. My career as an Anglican composer was characterized by periods of constant vigilance, anxiety, and longing, and such emotions coupled with my own…...
A Comparison of the Similarities Between the Artists Called Culture Jammers
Words • 2804
Pages • 11
There is a strong correlation between Avant-Garde music and film.Especially in the late 20th century, these two mediums contributed to each other both stylistically and with the common message they share. One of the obvious common movements that occurred in both Avant-Garde film and music was using found footage/sound in aesthetic and political movements like Cinema of Appropriation and Plunderphonics, which the artists in both mediums not only contributed to each other’s work and philosophy, but also used both of…...
The Influence of the Women’s March on the Rise of the Music Industry
Words • 3175
Pages • 12
The 2017 Women's March was about sexual violence against women, LGBTQ rights, equal pay, and abuse of power, among other things. The Trump era established the conjuncture? for this march. The election and inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President were among the many events that had led to a crisis, and the Women's March was a cultural rupture+ that occurred because of all the things that the Trump administration continues to represent in a patriarchal culture driven by capitalism."…...
Music Industry
An Essay on Postmodernism in the Modern Society
Words • 1517
Pages • 6
Anthony Giddens defines postmodernism as "the belief that society is no longer governed by history or progress." He sees postmodern society as "highly pluralistic with no 'grand narrative' guiding its development"(Giddens, 2001). But it is also important to look at 'postmodernity' in relation to 'modernity', to see it as the direct result of the latter, as a reaction to the industrial, functional qualities of the modern movement (James-Chakraborty, 2001). From a sociological view-point the two movements can be seen as…...
Art Movements
An Analysis of Plagiarism Exhibited in Some Works of the Walt Disney Company
Words • 3340
Pages • 13
“The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries own the intellectual property rights to the characters, brands, titles and properties popularly associated with the Disney name and with Disney's affiliates...titles, characters and other elements from Disney's television programs, feature-length motion pictures, animated productions, publications, games and music.”(The Walt Disney Company) This claim listed on Disney's website can be reinforced through one word: hypocrisy. According to writer, Jonathan Lethem, as explained in his article The Ecstasy of Influence, Disney has exhibited instances…...
Walt Disney
The Tragic Heroes of Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi
Words • 2701
Pages • 10
Dueling Tragedies: The Tragic Heroes of Webster's The Duchess of Malfi In Chapter Three of Leech's The Critical Idiom: Tragedy (henceforth shortened as Tragedy), the traditional Aristotelian view of a tragic hero is defined as an exalted person, usually of high rank, who is held because of said rank "in a position of recognizable eminence" (34). Eminence is a key component of being and recognizing an Aristotelian tragic hero because it is eminence which gives the hero his or her…...
Arts And CulturePlaysThe Duchess of Malfi
“Wonder” Movie Analysis
Words • 588
Pages • 3
The movie Wonder tells the story of August Pullman, better known as Auggie, a ten year old boy who was born with a very rare genetic condition that reflects mostly in a deformity in his face. Auggie has spent his whole life sheltered by his parents and his sister at home, but with very little interaction with children his own age because of his family’s fear of bullying. Auggie is extremely smart and tries to have a normal ten year…...
Film Analysis
USC Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena
Words • 919
Pages • 4
I had the opportunity to attend the USC Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena. The art piece chosen was titled as Cut-Up Block for Bando Mitsugorō IX as Ukiyo Matahei Made into a Frame. The artwork was created by an artist renowned for their Kabuki art, Tsuruya Kōkei. The piece was produced in the country of Japan on October 1987. The subject matter represented is that of an exaggerated full-length image of famous Kabuki actor Bando Mitsugoro IX. The artist created…...
Visiting the San Antonio Museum of Art
Words • 541
Pages • 2
Growing up I remember going on many field trips to the museums San Antonio has to offer. As a young child, you view things as 'cool, pretty, ugly', and you often hear a lot of 'I don't get it''s. It has been quite some years since the last time I walked through a museum, that I don't think I ever realized what they quite have to offer. Now as a young adult, I felt inspiration, had a lot of realization,…...
Society and Art of Tattooing
Words • 907
Pages • 4
Deviant behavior has varying interpretation that depend on person, time, country or culture. The definition of deviant behavior to me can be described as an action that is different from or violates the social norm. All throughout human history, certain behaviors have gone through stages where there were considered deviant and then became acceptable. From one hundred, to fifty, to even just 2 years ago, massive cultural changes have taken place around the world. What is considered normal becomes an…...
TattooTattoos And Piercings
The Concept of Tattoo and Tattoo Artist
Words • 1563
Pages • 6
I have chosen to write about Norman Keith Collins, an American tattoo artist who I believe to have been incredibly influential to the art world. Norman Collins was best recognised as ‘Sailor Jerry’, a name we have all heard mentioned at least once in our everyday lives – whether it be referencing Sailor Jerry the man himself, the ‘Old School’ tattoo movement or the multiple lines of merchandise, fragrance and alcoholic beverages designed with traditional tattoo style packaging to honour…...
TattooTattoos And Piercings
Tattoo, Identity and Personal Significance
Words • 825
Pages • 3
Tattoo has been practiced across the world since ancient times. In These days, tattoos are very popular than before. People get tattoos for so many reasons, such as to get attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, and a visual display of a personal narrative. Leslie Jamison also tells the story of her tattoo in “Mark My Words. Maybe” which was published in the New York times at 2014. On her forearm, she has a tattoo, which is a quotation belongs to…...
TattooTattoos And Piercings
The Stereotype about Tattoo and Piercing
Words • 1070
Pages • 4
The tattoo and piercing trend has changed drastically over time. There are many different opinions of both tattoos and piercings and the overall effect that they may have on a person. In the past, tattoos were frowned upon and was considered a mark of disgrace. Piercings, with the exception of the earlobes, have shown to have a negative effect on a person’s academic performance, choice of crime, and drug use. Despite the past views on both tattoos and piercings, society…...
TattooTattoos And Piercings
An Analysis of the Martial Arts Film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Words • 1816
Pages • 7
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an Asian martial arts film that was directed by Ang Lee and first released in 2000. This film has a relatively simple plot and is navigated by the stealing of The Green Destiny and its subsequent recovery. The Green Destiny is a traditional sword that was at one time owned by Li Mu Bai. The subsequent search for the stolen sword serves as a stylistic narrative device that introduces Li Mu Bai, Shu Lien and…...
Film Analysis
An Observation of the American Museum of Natural History
Words • 1442
Pages • 6
On Saturday, March 4th I found myself walking towards the American Museum of Natural History. The last time I had been here to look at different halls was as a naïve and innocent child. While walking towards the museum I couldn't help but notice the status on the main entrance. It was of a man on a horse with two men on either side of the horse. The first thoughts to cross my mind was that the man seated on…...
Art Gallery
An Interpretation of the Relevance of the Sexuality of Simeon Solomon with His Artwork
Words • 2159
Pages • 8
How relevant is Simeon Solomon's sexuality in interpreting his work from the 1860s and 70s? It is highly revealing to read Simeon Solomon's work through his sexuality. Though it is no easy matter to separate the sexuality in his art from his other cultural and artistic affiliations, often to do so would be to simplify matters. This interpretation also requires caution as it is reductive; he is so often viewed as the gay Pre-Raphaelite his talent is often overlooked. Until…...
Contribution of Leonardo Da Vinci in History
Words • 1876
Pages • 7
Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, draftsman, and scientist. Although he is famously/widely known for his artistic abilities, such as the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian man, and The Last Supper, he was not a prolific painter- fewer than two dozen paintings by him exist. Leonardo da Vinci was called by other names like Leonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci, di Ser Piero da Vinci, and Leonardo. He was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero da Vinci,…...
Mona LisaPhilosophy
My Experience with Virtual Museum Visiting
Words • 1001
Pages • 4
Even though I like going to a museum to experience the beauty of artwork in person, looking at an art museum virtually is quite a great experience too. To be frank, it is the first time I ever experienced an art museum virtually. For my assignment I have chosen Louvre Museum, the world's largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France. The museum opened on 10 August 1793, during the first anniversary of the monarchy's demise. It was…...
Mona LisaPhilosophy
The Theme of Love in A Short Film About Love
Words • 2548
Pages • 10
"If a film can act like a thought-experiment, its presentation of a single fictional narrative will be entirely compatible with its making a valuable contribution to the pursuit of general philosophical truths” (McClellan 18). As an expansion of Polish director Krzysztof Keislowski's Dekalog VI, A Short Film About Love (1988) focuses on the sixth commandment of adultery, which is initiated through voyeurism. The philosophy of love and the obsession each of the main characters have with either the idea or…...
Red or Blue Pill
Words • 1028
Pages • 4
In The Matrix the character Morpheus asks Neo to either take a red pill or a blue pill. The red pill would show Neo the truth as to what the Matrix really is and the blue pill would allow him to just go back to what would be his “normal” life and never know what really exists. Neo ends up taking the red pill and discovers that he is actually living in a virtual world and that his body is…...
SocietyThe Matrix
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Understanding Art Work

One of the major goals of art criticism is the search for a logical part of praising artwork. Art is a vital aspect of human life that can be seen in all fields of human life irrespective of their culture or era. Often time’s artists have had difficult relationships with their critics. For art to be bought, artists usually need positive criticism from the critics. Art criticism is not as easy as many people perceive it to be, views of recent arts are dependent on a lot of corrections as time passes. Critics are often blamed for favoring artists. Examples the judgment of critics such as enlighten or understanding. A piece of art can be neutral or intuitive on the basis of individual preference towards artistic taste and form. There are many forms of discussions to criticize and value a variety of artwork. This criticism and appreciation can be on individual choices towards taste and form, or it can be on the basis of the features and rules of artist impression and by societal as well as cultural acceptance.

Stages of Art Assessment

The following four steps are followed by art critics to discuss an art work. The activity of art assessment can be divided into four stages as briefly mentioned in the introduction that is description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation: Description- the art critic first describes what he/ she can see. The critic is expected to leave out his own judgments and interpretation of what he thinks it means and his analysis of the art. Instead, the critic focuses on the other features such as the magnitude and plate of the art, the general appearance used on the art, the use of upright and parallel lines on the piece of art, angles. Color and color schemes are also described. Also in this first stage, the critic also looks at the historical context of the piece of work in question.

Art Analysis Step

The second step is the analysis step, the critic analyzes the artwork by deciding what they describe and try to explain why the creator of the work art used the certain shades, aspects, and structures among many others, to carry sentiments, aims and past occurrences. In this stage it is vital to pay attention to the construction of the artwork, paying attention on details, such as its use of illumination, outline, extent, and environment. These characteristics are very important in the criticism of a piece of art since it affects the feelings of the critic, just as the color and the light used.

Breaking Down Art

The third step for critics in art criticism is the breaking down of the art work, after the piece of art has been described and analyzed it must be interpreted. Interpretation is used to explain background and describe why the painter created it and what it implies. While breaking down a work of art it is vital to interpret the entire meaning of the work by the use of proof that is presented in the interior of the work. This involves suggestions of the past background such as what was going on at the time, making it simpler to realize when it was done and what hypothesis, as well as flows, are related to it.

Art Evaluation

The fourth and final step in the steps of art criticism is evaluation, also known as judgment. An art critic is expected to describe where an artwork belongs among alike pieces of work and decide which ones of its aspects the most vital when are making a decision on its quality. Judgment can be difficult as a result of the critic’s biased views often interfere and this should not be the case. A critic has to separate his own bias opinions and let the work speak for itself.

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