Arrivals and departures: Essay

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Arrivals and departures:

Meeting the child’s needs: Helping the child to feel safe and secure and to reassure them that their parent will come back for them. Agreements with parents : Share any dietary requirements , agree to any sleep pattern , parent to be encouraged to develop their own departure routine . The participation of children: Child will know where to hang coat , put belongings and were to go to begin the day. School / pre-school runs:

Meeting the child’s needs: Time to talk about the day ahead ,good preparation routine to ensure no rushing Agreements with parents: Take child to agreed school at agreed time The participation of children: Encourage older children to be independent and carry their own belongings and to be organised Meal and snack time:

Meeting the child’s needs: Ensuring the child is aware of when to expect snack times, have a basic hygiene routine before snack Agreements with parents: Ensure parents pass on information about meals , when a child needs to eat and what a child should or shouldn’t eat at certain times. With babies , ensure times of feeds are clear. The participation of children: Children must have a clear hygiene routine before eating , They must be clear about where meal and snack times will take place Sleep and rest:

Meeting the child’s needs: Children will need a sleep routine to ensure they do not get over tierd Agreements with parents: Ask parents how much sleep their child will need , when their child should sleep and how the child likes to sleep The participation of children: Children should understand that sleep time happens at certain times of the day for example after lunch Play and activities:

Meeting the child’s needs: The child knows when play time will be and can predict when they will be doing play or activites Agreements with parents: Any specific activities the parent may require to happen , for example a child to read their reading book when arriving home from school. The
participation of children: Children need to to be aware of key times when it is time to stop play or activities , tidy time will be signalled by a certain piece of music or noise for example whistle or bell Off site visit and outdoor activities:

Meeting the child’s needs: Ensuring children are safe at all times Agreements with parents: Agreeing with parents where you will go with their child The participation of children: Children must have specific routines for crossing roads , being at toddler groups or playing in the garden to ensure their safety Home and evening activities for school aged children:

Meeting the child’s needs: Many children are tierd and hungry at the end of a school day so a routine is needed to help let the child rest and eat before any activity Agreements with parents: Parents need to inform childminder of any homework they would like the child to do whilst at the setting , for example reading books learning words The participation of children: Children will have a frim routine of collection from school , snacks , quiet time and homework

Adapting routines

Good routines help children to know and expect and understand what will come next, even young babies can fit into day to day routines. It is important to adapt routines to suit all of the children in a setting. An arrival routine can be adaped for a baby, toddler and school child . A parent and child will arrive at the setting they can then choose an activity thats set out in the morning , for example lego for a school age child, a farm for a toddler and noisey toys for baby.

Once child settled the parent and childminder can share information needed to know and then the childminder takes over care sharing play with the child. During snack all children and babies can sit together at the table and drink , babies will need highchairs and the correct cups etc for their age . This will encourage a social time for all of the children. sleep routines can be adapted to suit all the individual needs, some children will need milk before bed others may need a story this could be shared and then children encouraged to sleep or this can be adapted
for quiet time for older children.

Welcoming and valuing

Children that arrive into my setting will be welcomed with open arms , they will be made to feel completely at home, there will be familiar objects around to help them settle in. Each child will have their own space to put their coat and belongings. The children and parents will be asked what activities they like and what they like to do so that daily plans can be shaped around all children and their individual interests , this will create a good foundation for them to discover new things together , it will also help each child to feel valued to know that im interested in them and what they like to do .

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