Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage

There are to types of marriage

  1. Arrange marriage
  2. Love marriage

Nowadays everyone wants to choose his/her life partner by their own.

In past, our parents choose our life partners and everyone have to listen to their parents and choose their life partner according to the choice of their parents. But nowadays there are to many problems in married life as arrange marriages are not lasting as in this modern era. Every person has the freedom to choose his/her life partner by their own. There are many differences in the love marriage and arrange marriage. First of all, in the arrange marriage few years are spent to know each other like and dislike whereas on the other hand In love marriages, the bride and the groom have already known each other from past few years and there is no space left for the interest to know more about each other. I also talked to my parents about their married life they also do love marriage and I asked about their love marriage life.

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They told me that love marriage is much better than an arranged marriage. They told me that how will people live with each other Without knowing each other. So, they told that everyone should try to choose their own life partner if they want a happy married life. Moving forward from the last few years some of the marriages came to end due to not adjusting with each other and most of the marriages are arranged marriages.

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We all know that to make a happy married life there is the need for adjustment which can only be made in love marriages. In married life, trust is the first thing like we cannot trust anyone our life to get the trust of the person we have to spend more time with the person. So in an arrange marriage how people can trust each other whereas in a love marriage the couple knows each other very well. So, trust is very important in a happy married life. So form the above research I want to explain that love marriage is very much better than the arrange marriages

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