ARPANET Essay Topics

Thistles” and “Tall Nettles

The poems “Tall Nettles” by Edward Thomas and “Thistles” by Ted Hughes contain similar yet different themes. Both of them contain not one but many themes of their own. “The Tall Nettles” contains a theme of abandonment, a theme of nature fighting back against man, and man-made objects, as well as the theme of “inner… View Article

Sky x technology

XTP is a reliable, real-time, lightweight transfer1 layer protocol being developed by a group of researchers and developers coordinated by Protocol Engines Incorporated (PEI). [1,2,3 ] Current transport layer protocols such as DoD’s Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)[4] and ISO’s Transport Protocol (TP)[5] were not designed for the next generation of high speed, interconnected reliable networks… View Article