Aromatherapy Essay Topics


Therapy is the treatment of any physical or mental disorder by medical or physical means, usually excluding surgery. So we can say that Aromatherapy is therapeutic mentally and physical. Aroma derived from Latin and Therapy from the French work therapie how confusing is that. False Assumption: * Aromatherapy implies that anything that is aromatic and… View Article

Herbal Products for personal casre

Aromatherapy is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) technique in which various essential oils (including essences and extracts) derived from plants, flowers, fruits, leaves, herbs, stems, shrubs or trees are utilized to promote healing of the body, mind and the spirit, and to encourage health and well-being of the individual. Aromatic oils have been utilized in… View Article

Hair Oil Marketing

Hair oil is a hair care product specifically intended to keep the moisture balance of the hair, as moisture is lost due to strong shampoos and harsh chemicals in water. It can also be considered as conditioner to make the hair soft and pliable. Hair oil can come from natural products such as coconut oil,… View Article

Science Investigatory Project

DOES A LEMON GRASS EXTRACT PREVENT A MOSQUITO BITES? I. ABSTRACT: We the researcher conduct this study due to economic crisis now a days. Its aim to create a product of insect repellent which is cheaper and could give the same quality which the commercial one could give through lemon grass. Insect repellent are important… View Article