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Essay on Army

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The army crew team

In this case, Coach P. as a leader didn’t play his role well. He paid more attention on individual performance over team performance, putting V team on a higher and difficult position without additional guidance. Although trust is an important element in this sport, he did nothing for teamwork. He even caused a rift in between and made situation worse. Each leader has different leadership style,...

Joining the Military

Joining the military can end up being a pretty big mistake for many. When I joined I was really didn’t understand what a person has to give up to be a soldier. My obligations to my state and country prevented me from getting into college when I had originally planned. As a result I ended up not continuing my education for another thirteen years. Realizing that a military family isn’t so much a...

The Army

Coming from a family of marines, I have noticed the respect between my family members who have served. Regardless if your active duty infantry or a reserve mechanic, any true American will respect you. Personal courage is created from confidence. Rigorous and realistic training fills our soldiers with personal courage. This courage is what allows us to progress through a time of war. You will not ...

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My Journey

During this time I was married to a soldier, so I was still connected to the military life. But transition back to civilian living was hard for me. I did attended a class on resume writing and I obtained a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the local Nursing homes were I did my training at. My emotions was somewhat abnormal in which I felt like I was abandon and depression was their also. Eve...

Military base

Local procurement of goods has increased appreciably during the late 1980s because of new base construction projects and improved Filipino capabilities to meet US demands. As an example, in earlier periods, Philippine farmers could not satisfy tough Department of Agriculture standards on the quality of food sold in American outlets. Many of these difficulties have been overcome, as reflected in th...

Toxic Leadership in the US Army

Army Training and Doctrine Command, to coordinate, guide and oversee the implementation of systems modifications and innovations necessary to address comprehensively the toxic leader issue while simultaneously enhancing the quality of command climates. Do not spend additional resources on further external studies. All the necessary experience and expertise are available within Army agencies. The ...

Army Crew Team Case Analysis

The Varsity Army Crew team did not know how to work well together as a team albeit they were great performers individually. They were not able to beat the JV team, who exhibited a great amount of teamwork even though they were not as strong performers individually. The varsity team was too critical of one another and had no personal connection. After evaluating several options as to what Coach P. ...

Standard Operating Procedure

What I have discovered while writing this essay will follow me throughout my career in the U.S.Army and hopefully help me become a better soldier and a better student in my future endeavors. Here, I must thank my PSG for having me experience this moment of reflection on the lessons of not knowing my orders and henceforth following them down to the “t.” No matter how small, an order is an order...

Army Core Values

Without respect not only would the United States Army be in ciaos, the entire world. Growing up everyone knows the phrase “Treat others how you want to be treated”. Taking that phrase to heart means a lot to yourself, and the others around you. Also, being loyal in everything that you do shows the amount of respect you have for yourself and others. Having Honor and discipline shows what kind o...

Indian Army

Let every Indian soldier remember the inspiring message of one of the ablest leaders of India, Sardar Patel:- "The deeds of gallantry you performed in the two Great wars adorn the pages of world history. Even the enemy recognised your merit in war. You proved yourself first-class soldiers, inferior to none in the world. But then you fought for others. Now you have to fight for your own country, yo...

Importance of Following Orders

The chain of command is there for a reason and should be followed no matter how much one does not understand it or disagree with it. The chain of command may not always be right, but even then one must follow orders and carry them out to the best of their ability. A problem that can happen is that because of so many different commands that are in place, there can be times that one may not underst...

Sharing Responsibility – Role of local and state bodies: Disaster Management

· make the state DMAP an effective response mechanism as well as a policy and planning tool. The state DMAP addresses the state's response to demands from the district administration and in extraordinary emergency situations at multi-district levels. It is associated with disasters like road accidents, major fires, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, epidemics and off-site industrial accidents. The pr...

Always Maintain Good Military Appearance


Military metaphor

We have discussed how we are programmed with the misrepresentation of the military metaphor. In a society where one percent wear the uniform, a large remaining percent throw military metaphors as if they are hand grenades. To those who might say this is rude of me I say the following” put the shoe on the other foot” and spend some time in a war zone and see those close to you flying home on a...

Professionalism in the Army

A professional handles money and accounts very carefully. An amateur is sloppy with money or accounts. A professional faces up to other people’s upsets and problems. An amateur avoids others’ problems. A professional uses higher emotional tones: Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest, contentment. An amateur uses lower emotional tones: anger, hostility, resentment, fear, victim. A professional per...

Salvation Army and Darwin

➢ The Social Gospel movement is a Protestant intellectual movement that was most prominent in the early 20th century United States and Canada. The movement applied Christian ethics to social problems, especially issues of justice such as excessive wealth, poverty, alcoholism, crime, racial tensions, slums, bad hygiene, child labor, inadequate labor unions, poor schools, and the danger of war. Wh...

My first day of Army basic training

Throughout all this screaming and yelling I did not break down, even though that was the thing I desired most. The physical limits I surpassed, had never crossed my mind as even being possible. At the time of this event, I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever done. I wanted nothing more than to quit at the time, but I never did quit and when I thought more about this event. It did show me...

Role of an Army leader

For one to be considered a good leader there must be an even amount of leadership and respect that is portrayed to the soldiers. Soldiers are more apt to respect leaders that show them respect instead of those that do not show them respect. As a leader of soldiers, you must be able to separate the line from friend and leader but must be able to give respect in order to get respect. Respect is one ...

The Importance of Following Instructions

Having the proper gear is an important part of military life. It will keep the Soldier from getting in trouble on Monday morning. When a Soldier has the necessary equipment, the Soldier will be ready to wear the gortex jacket when told to do so. Following instructions by having the proper equipment in the motorpool shows that one can follow those same instructions on a mission, especially if one i...

Review of A Few Good Men Movie

I think that the movie all in all was very good. The actors that portrayed the characters were very believeable, as well as the story line. I think something like that could and maybe even already did happen. You hear a lot now about our soldiers falling victim to friendly fire over seas and it makes you wonder why that really happened. It is a sad reality though. I also like a lot of the actors i...

The Seven Army Values

Without personal courage the United States Army would not exist. In summary the 7 army values is what the army is about. Without the 7 army values we would not have a United States Army. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage are quite possibly the one thing keeping our army strong and resilient to everything the world can throw at us. If everyone lived up ...

Dehumanization in All Quiet on the Western Front

They have become blank, same, and dehumanized, more beastly with every day at the front. By the end of the war, the soldiers that returned to Germany are unrecognizable. They have fought like animals, run from Death, and seen so many horrors. While they went to war to be heroes, to fight for their country, the soldiers came back broken and empty, only shells of their former selves. They have regre...

Mongols: Culture and History

A stranger anywhere in the Mongol empire never needed to worry about lodging or necessities with a set series of laws like the one previously mentioned. Another important topic addressed was adultery. Adultery was no joking matter to the Mongols. Anyone guilty of committing it was executed – no exceptions. A married woman in Mongolia was not to be touched under any circumstances even if she was ...

Ortance Of Following Orders

When one enlists in the United States military regardless of active duty or reserve they take the following oath: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the Unite States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to all the same and that I will obey the orders of the President of the Unite States and the orders ...

Manning Guidance

ASPG Imperative #4 states: Enhance the all-volunteer Army.  How the MG 2013 is in align or contradicts with this effort: Once again, going back to the discussion in the ASPG #2, developing future leaders, MG clearly articulates the support for Soldier/Leader assignments, importance of PMEs, and investing on recruiting/investing on top quality officers and NCOs that can ultimately enhance the all-...

The Mansabdari System

The watan-jagirs were normally granted to those zamindars who were already in possession of their watans (homelands) before the expansion of the Mughal empire. The mansab was not hereditary and it automatically lapsed after the death or dismissal of the mansabdar. The son of a mansabdar, if he was granted a mansab, had to begin afresh. Another important feature of the mansabdari system was the law...

Army Values Ldrship

Personal Courage Face fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral). Personal courage has long been associated with our Army. With physical courage, it is a matter of enduring physical duress and at times risking personal safety. Facing moral fear or adversity may be a long, slow process of continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking those actions is not popular with others. You can...

Military Bearing Short


Masculinity in the Philippines

Despite its isolation in the mountains of Baguio, the PMA's training of these young males had lasting implications for the whole of Philippine society. The school served, in effect, as a social laboratory, a crucible for casting a new form of Filipino masculinity. Through hazing, study, and drill, the academy pounded young males into a foreign mold of military manhood. By parading before the masse...

Republic Acts 9163 & 7077

In my opinion, the more appropriate and applicable law is the R.A. 9163. It is because our country faces fewer wars due to the presence of the ASEAN committee and other peace treaties. We no longer find war as a solution to solve problems between nations. Furthermore, R.A. 9163 incorporated some elements of R.A. 7077 such as military training and improved the law by adding Literacy ...

Place of Duty in the Army

By not putting a lock on my wall locker, I was not talking responsibility for my own items, and not doing what I was told to do by my superiors. I was not being responsible. Keeping my items locked and secured is very important now and in the future. As with keeping all sensitive items secured and accounted for later on. Keeping my wall locker locked, keeps accountability of all my items and teac...

Army Leadership Competencies

Leader development involves recruiting, accessing, developing, assigning, promoting, broadening, and retaining the best leaders, while challenging them over time with greater responsibility, authority and accountability. Military leadership is unique because the armed forces grow their own leaders from the lowest to highest levels. Army leaders assume progressively broader responsibilities across ...

The Red Convertible Review

Erdrich uses her short story to make a statement that the Vietnam War did not just have a horrendous effect on the soldiers who participated in it, but also on the people who knew them before the war. She depicts a more realistic view of war by showing soldiers for what they really are, human beings with emotions and who are ultimately damaged because of war. Erdrich’s use of symbolism brings he...

Custom and Courtesies Military Today

However if such a relaxation is allowed in the standing reveille, the soldier is still required to stand at attention and salute on delivering the report, or on exit of the senior officer. A call by a superior officer in personnel room, calls for attention standing reveille requiring no salute indoors. However if the officer is an NCO, the personnel are only required to be hush and be calm, but th...

Causes, Effects and Solution to Boko-Haram and Kidnapping in Nigeria

El-Kanemi would be ashamed of the Borno elders. He would be ashamed of many of the Islamic clerics in Borno. Go and read the writings of El-Kanemi. He was a better Nigerian than some of those elders who are there today. They should be thoroughly ashamed. There is a lot going on behind the scene in Borno. The former Shehu of Borno and the former Sultan never killed anybody. It was the safest part o...

7 Army Values: the Standard Behavior of a Soldier

Integrity: “Do what is right, legally and morally”. Be willing to do what is right even when no one is looking. I have a real bad self conscience so I would not be able to cheat. I am an honest person and I will always be this way. Personal Courage: “Our ability to face fear, danger, or adversity, both physical and moral courage”. I will take responsibility for my decisions and actions and...

Army Profession of Arms

“To me, working for the Army is not just a job, it is an understanding that we are here to serve the American people,” said Ginny Partan, FWC-BL. “I think the Profession of Arms Campaign is going to help us bridge the gap between 10 years at war and where we need to head in the future. It is going to help us take a hard look at ourselves, across the spectrum from Soldiers to civilians, to se...

Military Officer in Army A Way Of Life

Meanwhile, as people, officers are expected to be disciplined and always have a presence of mind because they represent the valiant image of the Armed Forces and as well as the authority of the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States of America. Moreover, if I will be given the chance to do the duties of a military officer, I will be ensuring the safety of my comrades, p...

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