Arming School Staff and Teachers

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Everyone has a form of experience in a shooting or have seen them happen on the news. A positive idea is arming teachers with firearms because it would be the safest mechanism to do. If cops were to be called on, it would be too late because at least one or a couple of people would be injured or worse. There are plenty of people in this country who wish to resolve this damage from any sort such as medical help, stress, bullying, etc.

School shootings happen often and are unpredictable and uncontrollable. The Staff should have the ability to save lives.

Main reason is to protect and having not to worry about any surrounding. Additionally, there are those who wish to be infamous and have their names and faces all over the news. The author of the article “Should teachers be armed? Yes” points out, “These people will always find ways to commit mass death. People need to be able to defend themselves and fight back because these kinds of people will always exist and the government cannot really take away all of the guns in this country” (Drammissi).

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There isn’t any other way for them to solve because it is “easier”. There are a few Police officers are limited and cannot be everywhere at once when needed meaning response times can take longer. Where government fails, the person themselves should be willing to take the responsibility to defend.

Use of guns could help out with the main problems and cause some interrogation face to face with the main problem.

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The author of the article “School Leaders, More safety funding” estimates, “Wright said this is why Duval’s School Board members are joining other districts in seeking to use $58 million left over in the state’s school guardian program to hire police” (Smith). The idea of this is an option to use but some parents and citizens, in general, are scared and worried about their kids. The world is full of terror but in order to keep it under control then hiring more people is a excellent move cause the more the people the more there would be to watch over. If planning to upgrade the school safety then there should be a program where the teachers, staff, or anyone could come in and get the learning for use of a firearm.

With the recent mass shootings in the past years, some states have agreed upon arming school officials with weapons. These non-stop issues only cause more pain than it already is. Students and higher spokesmen have started protests and riots over these situations which are not being resolved. The author In this article “The Second Amendment Beared by Arms Educators” states, “Yet, in order to reduce gun violence and prevent mass school shootings, Trump has collaborated with the pro-gun organization to implement a solution to its continuous problem: arm teachers and staff” (Wire). Teachers have legal rights to bear arms and is on their own opinion. It caused so many media riots debating over the gun laws and owning a weapon.

Some might believe the solution for solving how to stop any kind of shootings is to protest the gun laws. In the Article “The Second Amendment Beared by Armed Educators” by University Wire, the author states, “Our kids deserve a safe, secure learning environment when they come to school, adding guns and armed, unqualified personnel to our classrooms is incompatible with that goal, the introduction of unqualified personnel with guns raises the likelihood of a tragic accident or potentially catastrophic confusion during an emergency.” However, this does have a point and some students do not want to experience any danger in their lifetime but usually everyone is going to have to experience it. If using guns can control the students then it can be an intimidation option if a scenario were to happen. If a school shooter or some kind of person with a gun comes in they will cause many harm to the students in the building then, teachers and staff would not have the ability to defend the students if they’re not given training and armed weapons. In fact, Joseph T. Drammissi points out, “One way is to end the practice of gun-free zones and allow staff to protect themselves and students, or to hire armed security or law enforcement.” Therefore, giving teachers the advantage to carry a handgun would have a high percentage of safety at school.

The coincidence of a school shooting to happen is scary and sometimes cannot be controlled but teachers should be able to know in a certain situation. Majority of the people of the United States have debated and talked about how it is dangerous to own a gun but the only defense for others is with a handgun if the other person has one using it against the innocent. So many schools have been involved in school shootings and lives are lost just because of a gun falling into someone’s hands. Teachers and staff can prevent this if they are trained properly and given a gun for a use of defense. Police will take long to respond also so if they can’t be at school on time then they can be at school the whole time or have teachers use guns, so now the suffering and crying across the country just because of lack of school safety and long responses to tragic shootings.

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