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Ariel Levys

There is no doubt about it that sex sells. In today’s world it is impossible to turn on the television without seeing a sexual-based commercial playing. Raunch culture is known as a sexualized lifestyle. Many businesses, advertisements, movies, and people partake in this lifestyle choice every day.

Ariel Levy’s is a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine and author of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs she has appeared in big name magazines such as Vogue and the New York Times. Ariel Levy’s standpoint in “Female Chauvinist Pigs” is that raunch culture empowers women. I have mixed feelings about this article. I disagree that raunch culture empowers women however I agree there is just a certain way you have to do it.

In reading Levy’s article she discusses raunch culture and how women feel empowered by it. Women feel like being sexy or sexually stimulating men makes them feel more in control. Levy gives a different outlook on the women that partake in this lifestyle. Levy feels that women are close-minded when discussing sexual things. Levy gives an inside look on certain women that partake in this industry by showing that its way more than just “sex”.

Ruanch culture makes women look worthless and gives off the impression that they don’t have any self-respect. We are looked at as just a “sexual object” rather than a respected woman. Ruach culture suppresses us as women and we are getting nowhere as women with these kind of vulgar activity’s. Women today are still being looked at as weaker than men.

I have googled multiple porn stars of today such as Pinky, Jenna Jameson, and many others; they all seem to have one thing in common. These women don’t have husbands, children, and they don’t get along with their family. I know from a personal experience with having brothers that they would never take a stripper or a porn-star home to my mother.

It might be cool to sleep with them but at the end of the day a man wants a woman that is respectable and classy, basically someone they can actually take home there to mom. My mother always says “if you don’t have respect for yourself, how are you going to have respect for others”.

Ruanch culture also objectifies women instead of empowering them. I did some research and found a biography on Jenna Jameson, a world known porn-star, on YouTube. She talked about her life, family, community service that she has done. Although she spoke on all those positive things people’s comments were still derogatory, calling her a “hoe” and a “slut”. Even though she has done many things in the community she is still looked upon as nothing more than a porn-star.

This is what I meant by saying that ruanch does not empower women. This woman can give thousands to charity’s do numerous community activities help people all around the world but her erotic lifestyle will never get her the respect she deserves.

If anyone has ever watched the HBO show called “Sex in The City” raunchy culture is the whole makeup of the show. Basically the show is about four ladies that are the best of friends they go to parties and they speak about their sexual experiences love interests and careers. The main character Carrey Bradshaw is a sex column writer for the New York Times.

She gives women advice on how to deal with sex and relationships. This to me walks a fine line with raunchiness. In the show people are so glad that she writes these columns, she helps out regular women with awkward situations such as sex. This is a different form of raunchiness and I actually accept it.

Carrey helps women get through difficult times with the different men in their life. A lot of times women don’t know what to do in certain situations and feel embarrassed about asking someone for advice that is where she comes in to help with her column. She is not showing her breast or objectifying her, she is only just giving advice on the topic of sex still raunchy but in the way that she is writing, it comes off respectable.

As women we should come together and stop objectifying ourselves. I feel that porn should be banded on the fact that as women it’s getting us nowhere. People are only looking at us as these sexual objects rather than smart sophisticated human beings that we actually are. Porn is a disgrace for all women. It makes us look bad as women, like as if there is nothing more to us than a nice butt and a perky set of boobs. Levy’s argument that raunch empowers women is only good up to a certain extent.

If you have to put yourself out there to get attention our show your body then that is not empowerment.There are many other ways that woman can empower themselves such as fighting for positive/worthy causes, mentoring to young ladies, and volunteering services for young woman. If woman today focus on more of these positive aspects of empowerment then there will be no need to take off your clothes to fill liberated. These kind of empowering activities will give us the respect we deserve as woman.

i. There’s no doubt about it that sex sells
a. Sex doesn’t empower women
b. It is occurring every day in today’s society commercials, movies, people etc. c. It is affecting young women
d. We have to start respecting ourselves more as women so we can get to get on the same level as a man ii. Author Ariel levy believes that raunch culture empowers women a. Levy feels that raunch is a form of empowerment for some women b. I agree and disagree that raunch empowers women

iii. Levy feels that as women we are closed-minded about talking about sex we should open our minds to different things and how ruanch empowers women and makes them feel in control or dominate over a man. iv. I believe that raunchiness suppresses women

a. Levy feels that raunch empowers women
b. She talks about strippers and “how they could teach you a thing or two” quoted by Levy pg.267 c. I believe that levy is wrong it doesn’t help us as women to achieve equality with men they look at us as sexual objects rather than human beings.


In ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs” author Ariel levy speaks on how raunchiness empowers women and makes them feel more in control. She gives an inside look on the woman who partake in this lifestyle. I believe it doesn’t empower women but actually suppresses us as women. Men look at us as only “sexual objects” rather than sophisticated human beings.

As women I feel we should have a lot more respect for ourselves. I believe there are only a few exceptions to raunchiness for example journalism or advice columns or a sex doctor other than that it is simply wrong. As a woman I feel we need to get rid of porn, it’s getting us nowhere as women. We are not on the same playing field as man and I believe that porn is preventing it from happening. If we could come together as women and start respecting ourselves more I feel a lot can change in the future.


1. My audience knows about sex and the role it plays in everyday life 2. Raunchiness is suppressing women because we are not equal to man 3. The reason its suppressing women is because we will never be able to be equal to a man if this doesn’t stop Attitude

1. This is a serious essay so serious would be the attitude I’m going for 2. I want them to take this essay seriously because it’s a serious matter

1. The reader to understand the seriousness of the topic
2. For women to have more self-respect
3. Abolish porn to help women get on the same playing field as men 4. To come together to make this all happen

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