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Argumentation Essay: Facebook

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (890 words)
Categories: Censorship,Economics,Employment,Essay,Facebook,Freedom Of Speech,Human rights,Internet,Society,State,Technology
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Argumentation Essay: Facebook

When a possible employee is in the process of being hired, his or her employment should be based on a social media network such as, Facebook. The main points for this position consists of professional versus social, freedom of speech versus censorship, and a person’s true identity behind closed doors. Facebook is one of various other social networks that are not confidential. Anyone can view a user’s profile and see all of their updates. People use Facebook from sending invitations to guests to campaigning a company party.

Facebook is a major part of advertising now. Another large part of Facebook is posting photos. A user of Facebook can add as many photos to their profile as they want to. Facebook has made an immense impact on modern society.

All ages, including some of the elderly have Facebook accounts. Small businesses and growing corporations also take part in having an account. Also, colleges and universities sometimes use Facebook to communicate with their students about upcoming events.

Employers use several methods before hiring an eligible employee. An employer is looking for someone that is polished inside and out of the professional world. They have every right to look at employee’s Facebook profile. Nothing inappropriate should be posted on an employee’s Facebook profile. Everyone is aware that Facebook is not a private social media website. Posting a status or photo online can be seen by anyone, even an employer. An employer has every right to look through the person’s information. Facebook can be a downfall for numerous opportunities. Although we all have freedom of speech, it can be taken lightly with consequences.

Employees can be fired by some of their actions on Facebook. Another consequence is someone not being hired due to their Facebook profile. If an employer does not like the material, they have every right to deny your employment. Especially in this modern society, employers and businesses are looking for the top quality for their company. Top quality employees differentiate from others. They do not retain inappropriate photos or words on a public social media network site. Employers look for people who will represent their business in a classy manner even outside of the business doors. Reputation is everything to some companies. They want their company reputation as high as it can be. A good reputation starts with good employees. An employer has every right to see how a person is in their social environment. A person’s personality and personal actions cannot be judged just through the professional world. You can tell a person’s true personal traits in their comfortable social environment. Facebook is the perfect gateway to see how a person’s characteristics are different in the professional versus the social environment. Not everyone realizes that somebody is always watching you. Whether it is a family member, a close friend, or an employer looking to see if you are eligible for the position. Every individual should be held accountable for what they post on Facebook.

Professional conduct should be shown at all times when something is posted on a public website. Keeping a professional conduct is very important to many employers. Some individuals would make a point that everyone has a right to have freedom of speech. Those who agree, feel that it is okay to put inappropriate material on their Facebook page due to their right to free speech. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. Many people take the right out of context. Those who disagree, feel that censorship should be analyzed. Yes, every individual has a right to speak freely but, is it right to offend someone while practicing it? The answer is no. An individual could simply say they hate their boss on Facebook. All it takes is for that boss, or another employee to see the post. The employee could encounter disciplinary actions in their workplace or even lose their job. All this could be avoided if censorship was practiced. Also, some would say that an employer looking into an applicant’s Facebook would cross the line between social and professional boundaries. Those who agree would point out that applicants should not be judged on their Facebook page. Looking through an applicant’s page is unprofessional and crosses the line. Those who disagree would make the point that it is a professional choice for the employer to do.

The employer knows nothing about the applicant other than what they have stated on their resume. An applicant could lie about his or her age, obligations, or even the county they live in. It is only natural to do a check up on the applicant to make sure they look eligible for the position. Think of Facebook as a back ground check. Mostly every employee has to have a back ground check of them before getting a certain position. Facebook is very similar to a back ground check. It indicates a more interpersonal and social side of the person’s life. If an applicant desires a first-class job, they should always take what they put on Facebook in consideration. Although everyone has the freedom to speak their mind, they need to practice censorship on a social media network site. Also, being professional on Facebook could increase your chances of getting hired. Anyone, especially a future boss could look at any account and choose to accept or decline an applicant’s position

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