Arguing an Opinion – Invention List Essay

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Arguing an Opinion – Invention List

In the last twenty years technology has changed society and our culture. We now live in a world that couldn’t have been imagined fifty years ago. Many of these changes have come through computers and connectivity. The Internet is changing the way we live and date. It has made finding your soul mate just a quick click away. By using online dating services you can peruse profiles from the comfort, and security of your home. You can read thousands of profiles , view pictures of people in your area or around the world ,, and then decide whether to move forward with conversations and dating or move on to the next pond.

Having the ability to get to know someone via email and messaging is far superior to meeting someone in a hot sticky bar. Online dating allows you the ability to get to know the other person before going to the first date. Since some people tend to be more comfortable expressing themselves through written communication, they tend to open up more during the initial interaction When using an online dating service there isn’t any guesswork about the person you are getting to know.

You can be very specific when listing your wants and it is easier to find someone that shares yourvalues.. Setting up a profile unique to your needs and interests helps attract others with similar hobbies and morals. When viewing your matches you already are being connected with others that meet the specific criteria listed in the questionnaire you filled out when completed your personal profile.

If there is any question about what a match listed it can be cleared up easily before meeting, via messaging or phone conversations. With the accessibility that the internet provides, online dating can alleviate the jitters associated with meeting someone for the first time. You can talk to someone via email, text message, or on the phone until you are comfortable with meeting your soul mate for the first date. When you meet for the first time it is a welcomed event.

You are able to get the awkward introductions and small talk out of the way, and your first date doesn’t have to result in a ‘drink fest’ to rid yourself of the nerves from being in an uncomfortable situation. Technology has changed the face of dating indefinitely and gives you the ability to meet people you would never have the opportunity to meet in your day to day life. While others may still be on the hamster wheel of dating, you can end the monotony and find your soul mate in just a few short clicks.

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