Argue for or against private citizens owning handguns Essay

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Argue for or against private citizens owning handguns

Any act of violence is regarded as a crime unless it is seen as a case of self defense in the court of law. There has been a lot of discussion on the case of carrying hand guns and it is mostly allowed in the case of hunting or using the gun as protection tool but despite its protective shield it is a very harmful tool to be carried around to use it for hunting purposes or other is another thing but on the other hand imagine going out to see a movie and people around you carrying handguns.

The primary reason for handguns to be banned for the use of normal citizens is because their sole purpose is mainly to take the live of other human beings and since it being a very harmful gadget special care cannot be given all the time and it can come into the hand of any children and can cause serious damage and may even cause killing. Handgun should be only allowed for the use of those professionals who are highly skilled in the military or other relevant fields and who know how to handle the gadget.

Every country’s government enforces certain rules and regulations for its safety and protection for example environmental laws were enforced for the protection of nature, traffic laws were created for the safety of the public so handgun should also be restricted to the use of highly trained and professional individuals and should not be entertained for the use of ordinary citizens who can often misuse it and later on regret their actions.

It should also be noted that theft crime and robbery are very common nowadays teenagers and commoners often misuse the gadget intending to scare other people and committing thefts like crime and robbery and due to that the crime rate has increased to quite an extent. For the reason of the crime and theft rate being higher it should also be noted that the gadget is not being used in an advantageous manner but rather it is being used as a threat to people so despite the fact of its “highly Scary” nature some laws regarding its use should be enforced in order to avoid such situations.

The most important reason however remains that it can easily get into the hands of young children who may want to carry out stunts which they see on television and would want to act it out to their younger siblings or maybe friends and in doing so they may cause a lot of damage(Collins ,2008). For example a child can easily kill someone with a gun not understanding the concept of death and by that easily finishing off someone with whom he had a fight or whom he dislikes. So it should again be noted that its use should be restricted.

In conclusion it should be noted that the use of handguns however do create an unsafe and unhealthy atmosphere. It is argued that handguns must be used for self defense but then again since it is a very harmful gadget it should be pertained to the use of police and highly trained individuals and therefore use of handguns for the use of normal citizens should be outlawed. If such was made possible then killing and crime rate would also decrease and our country would be less violent.

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