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Argue Essay Essay

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When people remember about the happy times in their lives, their teenage years are usually the most recalled memories. As teenagers, who are between the ages of 13 to 18, people are more influenced to try new things. These things can consist of trying out new sports, earn money by getting a job, even learning to play an instrument. But what really interests them the most is drugs. Cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol were, and still are, substances that can cause peer pressure among teenagers.

Teenagers smoked cigarettes because they thought it was cool, a means of showing off, and a way to relieve from stress. Marijuana was smoked because it was relaxing. 30 years ago the drinking age was 18, and the government changed it to 21. Several government officials question if it should be revised. Nancy Hogan is a professor and graduate program coordinator in the School of Criminal Justice at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. She believes the drinking age should be revised due to faithful understanding of the teenage mind.

“Some believe 21-year-olds are more mature and more responsible while critics argue that at 18, men and women already are mature in that they can marry, serve in the armed forces, and make their own legal decisions. ” In today’s generation of teenagers, boys and girls go to parties, usually hosted by fellow students, and they drink an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages. There are some students who have a high tolerance to the effects of alcohol, but only to a certain point. Others can succumb to the effects more quickly due to lower tolerance.

Eva Erskine is an adjunct faculty member in the Training and Development master’s program at Roosevelt University in Chicago. She believes the drinking age should not be revised due to lack of evidence that younger drinkers will handle alcohol consumption responsibly. The governments’ choice to raise the drinking age was a good idea in the sense that it is suppose to prevent alcohol consumption at a younger age. Since most teenagers turn 18 when they’re in high school, if the drinking age would be lowered, it would cause problems with school work and school activities. And since most 18 year-olds have their license and drive vehicles, the motor vehicle accident rate will increase.

I believe the drinking age should not be lower because it WILL cause major problems throughout society. Teenagers will arrive to school drunk or hung-over from the day before. This will lower their ability to react to certain situations and probably cause mistakes they wouldn’t normally make. Motor vehicle accidents will occur more frequently due to drunk driving. Since drinking and driving is a big deal in Massachusetts, teenagers will lose their driving privileges and in turn cause major problems in their lives.

The addiction to alcohol will also increase causing the young majority of the population to drink irresponsibly. Even if the drinking age is lowered that doesn’t mean the teenagers parents will approve of their children drinking. In conclusion, keeping the drinking age the way it is or lowering it, will not prevent teenagers from drinking in any sort of manner. Lowering the drinking age will cause more problems to schools, family, and society. Keeping the drinking age the way it is might teach them a sense of responsibility so that when they reach the age of 21, they will know how to drinking responsibly.

But there will still be teenagers who will break the law and drink whenever they have the chance. Parents play a major role in this situation because they do have the power to prevent their children from drinking, if they put enough discipline By the time teenagers turn 18, they are already considered adults so they take that into account and try to make an excuse out of it. Regardless, teenagers will continue to drink alcohol irresponsibly, until they receive the proper consequence.

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