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Areas for improvement for Football Essay

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I watched a football match that was Pendle Vale vs Marsden Heights. I observed the match and saw many areas for improvement. These are some of the things that could be improved Set Pieces – To improve Pendle vale’s set pieces, I felt they needed to be more precise and accurate as the ball was not reaching the player. Also I felt that they needed to be played with pace as the defender had too much time to read where the ball was going.

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If the ball was more accurate it would have been hard for the opposition to get as a result giving the attacking team more of a chance to score.

Another way the set piece could have been improved is by playing the ball according to the opposing teams weaknesses, for example, there was a short defender from Marsden Heights was marking a taller striker fom Pendle Vale. I felt that the ball should have been played to the taller striker because the defender has a smaller chance of clearing the ball, therefore it would have created more of a chance to score. When a Pendle vale player was taking a set piece, it was not crossed into a danger zone, for example, in the 18 yard box or the far post or near post.

As a result, it posed a smaller threat for Marsden heights and also did not put them under any pressure. To improve this they need to cross the ball into more danger zones so that they have more of a chance of scoring. To add to this, another useful improvement would be if they disguised a shot at goal, by blocking the goal keeper’s view of the ball by placing their own players there. This would have given the goal keeper less time to react and thus could have resulted in a goal. Man Marking and Zone Marking – the player from Marsden was comfortably able to move around the pitch as no Pendle Vale defender was marking him.

To improve on this the defender should stay close to the attacker, thus giving him less room to pass the ball and to create any possible chances. By man-marking a player closely it forces even the best attacker to make mistakes in the game because the striker’s team mates know he may be forced into making an error because of the pressure he is under from the defender. Pendle Vale could have reduced the threat that Marsden Heights posed by zone marking. This also did not happen and Marsden Heights were able to play into the danger zones.

To improve zone marking, the right back defender should use his intelligence by marking a zone where Marsden Heights like to play. For example, Marsden Heights seemed to like playing on the wing and then crossing the ball, if a defender is already on the wing, it may cause the team to play into a less dangerous zone. This would improve zone marking. Another error I realised was that Marsden Heights posed to much of a threat at goal to Pendle Vale. To improve this Pendle Vale should have used zone marking.

To do this the right back should have used his understanding of the game and marked the zone where Marsden Heights were likely to cross or pass the ball. For example, Marsden Heights seemed to like playing through middle and then having a go at goal, if a centre back is already there, it may cause the team to play a less dangerous pass and there for created less threat, this would have improved zone marking. Counter Attacking – I also noticed that Pendle Vale’s counter attacking was inadequate; I felt the players were not sprinting to their potential and the ball was not cleared fast enough by the defenders.

Their counter attacking could be improved in many ways. For example after a set piece is taken, the ball should be cleared quickly leaving no room for mistakes. Then the attacking midfielders should sprint to the opposing 18 yard box and provide support by finding space so that the receiving ball can be passed quickly, by doing this, the striker on the ball would have had much more options, he could pass the ball to his wingers or centre forwards, this would have created a chance to score a goal.

Playing counter attacking outnumbers the defenders and increases the chance of scoring. Badminton Tactics Over Head Clearance – an overhead clearance is a shot played from the back of the court to the other end of the court. This is a good tactical way, because brings the opponent right to the back of the court. This makes it easy to do a smash or drop shot. The opponent usually finds it difficult to get to receive the shuttle cock, thus conceding a point.

This type of shot makes it easier to retrieve the opponent’s shot when he struggles to return it deep into the court. This is why it is a good tactical shot. Long and Short Serve – The long serve is a good tactical shot as the opponent is pushed (far side) deep into his side of the court, this is because it is easier to retrieve the opponent’s shot when he is deep in the court. Also the opponent is likely to return the shot high, making it easy to claim a point, as you have a choice of either doing a smash shot or disguise a drop shot.

The short serve is also a good way of forcing the opponent to come closer to the net, as a result making it easy to do an over head clearance shot, because of this he may return a poor shot giving you the chance of taking a point. Smash- a smash is a very good tactic which requires power and timing; it is used commonly throughout badminton games in order to win points. A smash is when the shuttle is hit facing towards the ground fast, this makes it harder for the opponent to return, which will either result in a point conceded or if he does hit it he will hit it in the air.

This then can provide the opponent to do another smash, but one that is aimed at the far side of the court. Drop shot- this is another great tactic which requires minimal power, it is done by hitting the shuttle as low as possible over the net, the most effective time to do this is when the opponent is at the back of the court. Ready position- when serving the player should stand between the net of the court and the baseline.

Also he should be more or less in the middle of the two sidelines which will make it easier to return a shot going either side. He should stand with his knees bent at a slight angle which should provide him with better agility and movement. Also it will help him return the shot more easily despite where it is going. His eyes should always be on the shuttle and his racket should be held just above his head ready to return the serve. Equally this will make his position a good tactic

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