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Are You a Self Motivator?

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Absolutely. I can always find something productive that needs doing. * I’m very motivated to do a good job at what I take on, and I like to stay busy. * I am a self motivator, and I take great pride in my job as a nurse. “Do you plan to make nursing your career? ” * I do! I absolutely love being a nurse, and the satisfaction that comes with helping patients is incredibly rewarding to me. * I love being a nurse, and there are so many opportunities for learning and growth that I believe that I can spend my entire career satisfied and challenged in nursing.

As a career, nursing offers so many opportunities that I find exciting. I plan to continue my education, and progress in the field. “Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team? ” * That depends on the circumstances. I enjoy being part of a treatment and support team, but I also like the autonomy of working alone.

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* I believe that nursing in a hospital is a team effort, and I really enjoy making my contribution to the team. * You need a certain amount of independence to work without the daily support of a team.

As an in home nurse, I enjoy the one-on-one with my patients. “How do you handle stress on the job? ” * By focusing on the most important thing, the care of the patient. I feel I owe it to my patients to stay calm and focused on them. * In the ER setting, there are often stressful situations that arise.

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I just make sure that the stresses of the job don’t interfere with the care of the patient. * I am generally an easy going person, and I don’t allow on the job stress to interfere with my work. * How do you envision your career progressing? I would like to gain experience and continue my education so that I can grow in my career as a nurse, potentially moving into a supervisory capacity down the line. * I would like to gain experience at each level of nursing, and pursue my education as the opportunity arises. * There are many different paths that a nursing career can follow. Since I am just beginning my career, there are a number of opportunities that I find intriguing. During my training, I really enjoyed that fast pace of the ER, as well as assisting during surgery.

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