Are We Better Than Our Forefathers Essay

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Are We Better Than Our Forefathers

Have you ever pondered the fact that we are better than our forefathers? If you think otherwise, I’ll explain why I think this way. Most people say that our forefathers’ lives were very peaceful. We have technology at our hands and we have made atom bombs and weapons. For destruction you might say, but that’s not true because we are making these for our protection.

Our forefathers lived without many modern amenities and inventions such as electricity, aero planes, microwave ovens and more, whereas we cannot even imagine life without laptops and cellular phones. Even children play with such things.

The greatest drawback of the lives that our forefathers led was that of education; the people were mostly uneducated and were unaware the major issues of life. Their thinking was limited to their surroundings and they were not aware or bothered about what was happening in other parts of the world. We are living an active life, whereas our forefather led simple, idle lives. We have clear concepts in our minds whereas the people who lived in the past had many complex issues in their minds. Young never knew the philosophy of life and children were busy with playing games only.

Today, we can communicate with people in different countries within no time — thanks to telephone and email.. However, in the past it would take months to send message from one country to another or one place to another.

Today, people possess knowledge about every layer within the earth whereas our forefathers living in the past were only familiar with well water. We can even touch the skies, thanks to the major strides that have been made in the field of commutation.

The sky is the limit when it comes to development and progress in our age.

We have overcome time and space and are covering large distances in a short span of time. While in the past people travelled on foot or in horse driven carriages now we have bullet trains and super sonic aero planes.

Of course, all these facts prove that we are leading better lives than our forefathers but it is a fact that the next generation will be better than us.

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