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Are We Better Than Animals?

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Good morning/afternoon. My name is and my speech is going to be on animal cruelty. Before we start I would like to ask one simple question to everybody in this room. Are we better than animals? Well, I think the answer is a clear NO. WE are all living organisms. We both have feelings and hearts. So what makes us better than them? Are we just bloodthirsty murders? Some say yes and some say no but today my answer is a big fat yes.

Firstly, let\’s start with something that lots of people can relate to. Cats and dogs for example hold the highest animal cruelty rate in the world. One of the things that happens each year is greyhound killing. Thousands of greyhounds are killed each year because either they lack racing potential or they have been injured and are no longer competitive.

Secondly, us humans seem to think that we are the only living organisms that deserve to stay on planet earth.

Right now I can guarantee you that somewhere in the world animal testing is being carried out. Many animals like cats, dogs mice are longing to be let out to roam free in the world but instead of that all they can do is sit around and wait for the next painful procedure to be performed on them. How would YOU feel if you were taken away from your home just to have your skin burnt, your hair yanked of your head and your arms and legs torn apart.

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I know for a fact that nobody would want that to happen to them.

Thirdly, many people love things like rodeo’s bullfighting bear killing movies and many more. In all of the things I have just listed every one of them in some way have animal cruelty. For example movies. In most movies that use animals the animals are normally mistreated.

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