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Are video games educational Essay

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Video games are something that many people all around the world play. But are video games educational? The answer is yes, video games develop many of our skills, give us the relaxation we need and as technology is developing the number of educational and social aspects of games are increasing greatly. While video games are typically cast off as a waste of time and simply recreational activities, when it comes down to it, video games are actually one of the best and most successful ways to encourage teenagers to learn.

The reason simply is that it is a fun way to learn.

In video games, there are constantly problems and puzzles that need solving in order to move onto the next stage of the game. These problems makes us think with an open mind and can sometimes take a long time to overcome these challenges, but aspects in games such as these, which are found nearly in every video game, help our brains work faster.

Although many games are created with the specific purpose of being educational, many video games which seem to be pure fun have hidden educational purposes and help our problem solving skills, reflexes and persistence.

Some games are set in a historical era, such games broadens our knowledge of history and can pique our interest of historical matters. Even simple games such as Tetris help us gain skills in problem solving and quick thinking. Teenagers who play video games have been found to have better, more developed memory and playing these games makes the brain work hard and in turn helps the teenagers hone their skills. It makes the player think hard to solve problems and look at things with different views and perspectives in order to get the answer.

It works the brain in many different ways and generally a gamer is good at overcoming challenges and problems thanks to playing games such as these. The idea may seem a slight oddity, but it subconsciously is helping young adolescents use their brain more efficiently and help them view their life with an open mind. Playing games can also drastically help with hand-eye coordination; developing greater mental focus and help young adolescents multitask with more ease.

It has also been stated by some, that video games promote and glorify violence. I believe that this statement is fundamentally incorrect and that it lacks the necessary evidence needed to prove that this theory is true. Researchers that have observed teenagers reactions to violent video games such as, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ to test if the theory that such games can trigger aggressiveness or depression. The results of these tests have found that a majority of the reactions from the young adults differ greatly from that which was the expected one.

Playing video games shockingly had a slight settling effect on a vast amount of the teenagers and helped reduce any negative or aggressive behaviour that they may have had before playing. As people, we have freedom of rights and should have the ability to play whichever games we like. Video games are not promoting violence outside of the game. It provides an escape from reality and focuses solely on entertaining the teenagers of our generation. Playing video games are good for young adolescents in multiple ways. When a teenager is stressed, playing games is an effective way to help them relax and escape from realities.

Everyone has the right to relax and have fun once in a while do they not? Today’s generation have many different ways to have fun and enjoy themselves, and it is only fair that they should have the choice to spend their leisure time how they please. It is a good way to spend leisure time and it provides plenty of entertainment for people of all ages. While playing video games has in the past been condoned, with technology developing as fast as it currently is, the educational benefits in the games are sky rocketing.

In time will this change our perspective on video games? A high percentage of today’s generation play video games and spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, is this going to shape and change the future of our society? Video games are often seen as an unsociable act but in fact many games of today are actually multiplayer or more commonly give you the opportunity to play with other people online. The evolution of technology and how far it has come in recent years is astonishing.

The features in games which allow you to communicate with other through gaming consoles are effective in making friends or allies in a game. On different gaming consoles there are now plenty of options you can use to communicate or play with friends such as Xbox Live, PS Vita Party and many others. These are brilliant, because it does not cut the player off from the outside world and successfully makes gaming more enjoyable. The bottom line is, playing video games are a positive and educational way to spend leisure time.

While there are some games, made entirely to entertain, from every game played, you learn something new. Video games are stimulating for the brain, a great way to relax and good for social interaction. Is it not better to learn while doing something that you love, compared to being stuck learning with outdated techniques and uninteresting classes? Today’s generation is changing and technology has already become an enormous part of society, should we not begin to include more technology into our education system seeing as it both impacts and benefits the younger generation so greatly?

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