Are the Mongols Barbaric Essay

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Are the Mongols Barbaric

Multiple Tribes started forming as early B. C. These tribes brought new history toward us and we study them every day to find out their hidden secrets and the way they lived in the past. They brought us new technology, new ways to export and trade items. As one of the tribes began to rise to power, the Mongol’s located in China during B. C many other tribes were weaker than them. Although one could say that the Mongol’s were a strong empire, due to the faiths that they were cruel within their culture, battling, and trading, this made them barbaric.

The Mongol’s culture was very strict and well followed by their followers. If they’re culture or rules weren’t followed as they were supposed to, there would be severe consequences. The consequences given were cruel and inhuman. As in the picture in Document 5 “A scene from a Persian manuscript c. 1300 showing the execution of a prisoner by a Mongol soldier. Others are being buried alive upside-down. ” This shows the cruelty and barbarism of the Mongols toward the slaves in which they are being brutal and evil towards them.

Mongols murdered so many people from different cities around the world. One of the cities that was reported the deathliest at the time was Baghdad in Persia with 800,000 – 200,000. Another city that was considered the deathliest in those days was Kozelsk, Russia which had no survivors. In Document 10 it says “Whoever commits adultery will be executed, whether or not they have previous convictions. ” There were harsh executions towards adultery. Men were praised and had more authority than the women; they had more power in almost anything.

A saying in Document 10 about drinking also supports this argument. According to this document, “If then there is no means to prevent drunkenness, a man may become drunk thrice a month; if he oversteps this limit he makes himself guilty of a punishable offense. If he is drunk only twice a month that is fine and – if only once, that is more praiseworthy. ” This piece of Document is considered barbaric because their being uncivilized. They’re saying it’s adequate for a man to get drunk, but a woman may not do so.

Men also have the right to kill another man if he wishes to have their wife as their own. The Mongols only believed in one god and no other god was part of their culture so, they couldn’t follow any other god. In Document 9, William Of Rubruck expedition to see the Mongol’s this is what he heard from Mongke Khan, “We Mongols believe that there is but one God, by Whom we live and by Whom we die and towards Him we have an upright heart. But just as God gave different fingers to the hand so has He given different ways to the men.

This quote shows that the Mongol’s believed in their one and only god very much but, if they didn’t they would be punished cruelly. This is barbaric because it’s uncivilized that a group of people may only belief I one god and if they were not in favor of this belief/ religion they would be treated poorly and violently punished. Being a Mongol soldier was a privilege, to protect your empire and being part of the army was a great honor, but it was a deathly thing to be in. Soldiers were getting killed because they didn’t do anything or didn’t do their job right.

According to Document 2 John of Plano Carpini said, “When they are in battle, if one or two or three or even more out of the group of ten run away, all are put to death; and if a whole group of ten flees, the rest of the group of a hundred are all put to death, if they do not flee too” They’re being barbaric by being savage, brutal, and evil towards the soldier. If one man doesn’t go to battle then the rest of the soldiers would have to take the cruel and violent consequences.

The Mongol army would take the weak soldiers to the front so they could be killed first. They would place children and women into their army so it could look like they had a great big powerful army. According to John of Plano Carpini in Document 3 said, “The chiefs or princess of the army do not take the part in the fighting but take up their stand some distance away facing the enemy, and they have beside them their children on horseback and their womenfolk and horses; and sometimes they make figures of man and set them on horses.

They do this to give the impression that a great crowd of fighting men is assembled there. ” This would be considered barbaric because they would sacrifice many people to obtain the land and properties they own. The Mongol’s were considered one of the greatest empires with strong trading routes. They had many different trading routes, but with all of these trading routes they had to conquer land’s to have several different trading routes. They took control over the land by fighting for it and with this came many dead people.

According to Charles J. Halperin in Document 6 said, “The Mongols conquered nearly all of Asia and achieved what all Inner Asian steppe empires had dreamed of, control of the continental caravan routes from China to Persia. No history of the Mongol Empire … which dwells only on Mongol destruction can be satisfactory. ” This shows that the Mongol were barbaric because it was inhuman an evil the way they killed billions of innocent people to just gain more power.

In the history of conquering Ghengis Khan was the man who conquered more land, with 4. 60,000 square miles, that’s more than Adolf Hitler conquered in his era. This is shown in Document 1; it shows that Adolf Hitler conquered 1,370,000 which was not even half of what Genghis Khan. In conclusion the Mongols were barbaric towards many people from all over the east side of the world. They were evil, brutal, savage, and uncivilized. These people believe in their culture and their god and if others didn’t they were violently punished. The Mongols also were very serious about their armies; they all had to follow instructions if not all the soldiers were given severe consequences.

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