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Are school lunches actually healthy? Essay

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Don’t you think that school lunches should start providing healthy lunches? You will not like to be surprised by a hair or something disgusting in your food. Is there’s times that when you eat school lunches and you’re waiting in line you see the food and think are these school lunches actually healthy? In the past 10 years schools actually provided unhealthy school lunches. The school lunches contain about the same amount of fat as a happy meal at McDonalds’ does.

In my opinion I think that school lunches aren’t actually healthy. When you are eating you need to make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories. In school lunches aren’t as healthy as you think. The school lunches don’t provide the right amount of calories you should consume in one of your meals. When you’re eating more calories than what you usually need it could lead you to some serious health problems.

The health problems that you can when you aren’t eating the amount of calories you need are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or even diabetes. In the website called American diabetes association it says that people that eat a lot of sugar could get diabetes. Students are consuming 30%-50% of their calories they need in one meal. Teenage girls need about 1800-2400 calories per day. Teenage boys need about 1800-2600 calories per day. In the website called myfitnesspal.com it states that the pizza given at school contains 332 calories. The 1% milk contains 140 calories. There are some students that eat more than 3 slices of pizza which is actually bad because in just eating 3 slices they’re consuming about 1328 calories. Same with the milk there some students that drink about 2-3 milks which is also bad because if they’re drinking the chocolate milk they’re consuming a lot of sugar.

The students need to consume at least 500-600 calories only in one meal. In my opinion I also think that school lunches aren’t actually healthy because some of the food that is given at lunch contains pink slime. Especially the burgers and chicken nuggets contain it. Pink slime is processed beef that was originally used in pet food. Pink slime is often contaminated with dangerous bacteria such as coli. Pink slime is really bad because is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bad germs. Even thought the United States department of agriculture believes that the pink slime is totally safe, pink slime is still treated with ammonia. Pink slime has been used in schools for many years. Food that contains pink slime has been served since the meat developed in the 1990’s. I can tell that parents were getting kind off upset about the food been served at school.

I could tell this because the parents of the students started complaining about the food at school that contain pink slime, the united states department of agriculture gave them a choice which was keep buying food that contains pink slime or other beef products that didn’t. School lunches aren’t just unhealthy they’re also unsanitary. Most of the time you’ll be finding hair in your school lunches. When you find hair in your school lunches is because the people serving the food don’t wear the hair nets. Not only finding hair in your school lunches makes the school food unsanitary but another thing that makes the school food be unsanitary is not cooking the food right. There are times that you’re waiting line to get served and you look at the food and see that it has a different color than what it should look like.

A person from the Oakland press wrote that the Pontiac school district program had been closed. They closed it down because of unsanitary conditions, this includes rodent infestation. Starbuck middle school needed to shut down their whole sanitary system. They needed to shut it down because many students had been complaining about the tortillas. The tortillas had been causing illness to some students. I realize that there’s has been a little bit of progress on the school lunches. We all know that Michelle Obama has been doing this thing to change the school lunches. She limited the calories that are supposed to be giving at school. Now the food giving at school has to be 850 calories.

She removed all the bad things that were giving to us for example all the cookies and the read which were sweet and contain a lot of sugar. Now she’s providing more vegetables and fruits. However the school lunches still contain a lot of calories, pink slime, and are unsanitary. School lunches need to start been healthier. We are still hoping that the schools provide healthier food with not a lot of calories, not food or beef products that contain pink slime, and we also hope that the school lunches start been more sanitary. So far most of the schools in the country are providing unhealthy lunches.

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