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Are Reason and Emotion Equally Necessary in Justifying Moral Decisions Essay

Emotion is a strong feeling, desires or passion. It is real and operative. The feeling is mostly caused by consequences of minds’ past conclusions and beliefs of the people. Also, it is sometimes incomprehensible because their ideas are not largely sub-conscious, but also inconsistent (Skysite). Men can accept ideas without knowing if it is right or wrong and this may lead to thought or feeling without even aware of what is really happening. The fact is not observed and accepted only in our minds. Furthermore, it is a reaction in one’s perception. It has no observation.

What comes in our minds can either be true or false. Once a man acquires knowledge, it automatically keeps on the minds without even aware or no facts are observed. The process of learning, judging and implying are applied continuously. The reaction of the acquired knowledge is the emotion (Skysite). A man has a certain feeling or emotion is because of the earlier knowledge that the man acquires which is stored in his subconscious mind. It follows that the acquired ideas need support and ideas need to be validated for confirmation to make it valid or acceptable (Skysite). Reason is awareness.

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The data is studied, observed and organized. You are directly guided with an observed data. The organized and observed data is relevant and truth. The man is obliged to believe the fact (Skysite). Emotions are reactions of man’s ideas. He accepts ideas through mind and may think of ways of improving those ideas and think of reality itself. So, the process of reason is therefore should be identified by studying those ideas to be able to meet the reality which is the reason. Reason is to recognize the reality, or the real meaning of life, the people, the country and the world.

Based on our own recognition of the world, we react through our emotions. It is generally believe to rely on passion follow reason. The reason is known as slave of passion. We follow our beliefs. Our reaction is based on our thinking because we believe on it (Machan). One example is Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the practice of having a medically-assisted death or mercy-killing. In some countries, it is illegal. It is a debatable subject among different moral quandaries related to it (Wikipedia). Euthanasia is conducted with certain criteria to consider. It is not simply killing the person automatically. It is done with consent.

It can either be voluntary or involuntary which means with consent or without consent respectively (Wikipedia). If a man believes in the words of God or the story of the Bible which is known to be the Holy Book of some religion, the emotion of the man is unhappy or afraid because probably, he doesn’t agree to Euthanasia because in the Bible Euthanasia is not acceptable. Man is afraid of practicing Euthanasia because he believes in the Bible. If we think of a reason, the man believes in what the Bible says and believes everything will be alright if we believe in God’s words that are written in the Holy Book of the Christians.

However, if a man is suffice with the whole study of Euthanasia and he believes in Euthanasia because if a man is dying and can’t live any longer, it is therefore get his consent to apply Euthanasia for a reason. To prevent him from feeling the pain longer, he believes that Euthanasia is said to apply. Euthanasia is accepted in the man’s mind which is generally leads to emotions, but the reality itself and the reason behind the process of Euthanasia is because the man is dying and he can’t live longer, it is better to cut his life earlier than feeling the pain longer.

Because of the observed data which is the reason behind the practice of Euthanasia to man, the mercy-killing is acceptable to the man’s sub-consciousness. If a man is dying and can’t live any longer, the man accepts voluntary euthanasia rather than a financial burden to his family. In this regard, emotion followed by a reason. The emotion to consider is he feels bad because he knows that his family will bound to financial problems which is the reason for accepting euthanasia. Another example is the abortion. Some countries don’t agree with abortion because it is a murder. Any live person that you intentionally killed is known as murder.

Some believe in abortion. It is applied and required for a certain reason. Probably, the mother is experiencing certain ailments or sickness that needs serious treatments like drinking medicines that are not good for the infant inside the womb, the child should be aborted because if not, the child will unluckily live an abnormal life because of his abnormal behavior. Unfortunately, if the child will be aborted, the mother will feel bad, but if the child will be aborted for a reason you will somehow feel less disappointed because you’ll know for a reason that the child will either become abnormal or die young.

The reason behind the abortion of the child inside the womb is to save the child for sufferings for life. In the contrary, if we don’t agree in abortion because of our belief, our reason here is not to abort the child for the reason of the belief itself. For instance, the man recognizes that he doesn’t believe in abortion. The response of that belief is known to be our emotion. The reason now follows. Because the man doesn’t believe in abortion because of his faith, it is known to be the reason for not believing on it. The infant inside should be aborted and wait for his coming to the world of people.

Further example is the divorce. Some countries, divorce is acceptable, but in some are not. This divorce really depends on our own belief. We all know that in the higher level of Christian church, divorce is not really acceptable to them because, they believe that if you are both blessed to be together for life, you should be together for good or worse. If a man believes, your emotions will be the response of what you think. For instance, your emotion is to love and respect the person you are with. The reason is to take care of the relationship for life.

Emotions and reasons are perfect harmony which means that they are compatible with the opinion and action. People need both emotion and reason in order to make decision according to neuroscientists. It is really complicated when it comes to the reasoning, but the most important for me is how you apply it by means of your own beliefs. It is important to broaden up you knowledge to come up with the best part which is the decision making process. It is significant and important because with your decision, you will bring happiness and contentment in your life.

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