Are Hong Kong people too concerned about their weigh? Essay

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Are Hong Kong people too concerned about their weigh?

Hong Kong people, especially teenagers, are focusing too much on their weight, or their body shape in other words. It has always been a hot topic among teenagers about how to lose weight even though they are actually thin enough. This essay will evaluate the reasons behind this strange phenomenon, and it is mainly because teenagers face pressure from their peers and is imperceptibly influenced by the mass media.

Peer pressure has been a big factor behind what motivates teenagers to lose weight and maintain an “ideal” body shape. Everyday, teenagers spend most of their time with their peers at school and they are at the age, which make them feel confused about themselves. Most of them, if not all, are desperately pursuing a sense of recognition and a sense of belonging from their peers. So they will try their best to maintain a good image in front of their peers and believe in the concept of “ Thin equals beauty ”, which is promoted by the media. Also, through losing weight, teenagers can establish a common topic to talk about with their friends and reinforce their sense of belonging. Therefore, pressure from peers forces teenagers to lose weight even though they are not overweight.

Some people believe that teenagers in Hong Kong overlook their weight at all because the teenagers obesity problems is getting worse in Hong Kong. The research data has shown that the obesity rate is on the rise. It seems like that teenagers are overlooking their weight, but the reality is that teenagers in Hong Kong are in lack of adequate exercise and the balance diet which lead them to obesity. Most secondary schools have only one PE lesson every week and also the fast food restaurant is popular among teenagers. Moreover, Some may even get fatter because of the unsuitable use of diet pill and method of losing weight. In this case, the rising obesity rate of teenagers cannot prove that teenagers do not concern about how much they weigh.

To summarize, teenagers nowadays are too concerned about how much they weigh, mainly because of the peer pressure and mass media. The right concept of beauty should be educated to the teenagers and more focus should be given to the inner beauty instead of outer appearance. After all, beauty is only skin deep.

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