Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?

Are Genetically Modified Food Safe to Eat? In the United States 75% of the grocery stores shelves are full of food products containing one or more genetically modified ingredients. Genetic modification is the technology that allows genetic food to be created. This technology allows specific genes to insert or change in living organisms. The specific organism in which being tested can be also named genetically modified, transgenic, or genetically engineered.

With these tests being done dally for new research or new ideas, these techniques were developed in between the 1960s and 1970s and allowed scientists to actually insert certain genes into the plants genome.

So now knowing a little back ground of the genetics is this considered to be safe for human consumption? According to Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko “The most significant proof to Americans that in the short-term genetically modified foods are safe should be the fact that Americans have been eating them for the last the years without any evident of ill effects.

(Easton, 2012). I believe that these genetically modified foods are not harmful to humans in short-term but possibly in a long-term, this is a possibility of getting cancer from the alterations of the organisms. These foods being processed help them last longer in the consumers fridge or counter. This also speeds up the process of food of being produced for consumers and also may keep cost reduced for the manufacturer.

Also another statement from Miller and Conko “Six percent to eight percent of children and 1 to 2 percent of adults are allergic to one or another food allergens.

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So with this genetically alter in organisms can bypass some of these cases. ” (Easton, 2012). So by having such a modification in food i think it will be safe for human to consume genetically modified food, and give the government to further go into investigation with the research. Bibliography Easton, T. A. (2012). Taking Sides: Clashing views in science, technology, and society. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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