Are Food Desserts Good or Bad?

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America today has a variety of food to choose from. You can be driving to Colorado and stop by three fast food restaurants on your way. You probably did not have the time to make your own food before your trip. There are many reasons as to why most Americans eat fast food, and one of them is that they live in a food desert such as South Central Los Angeles. Food deserts are a big problem in America, children and adults are getting closer to having diabetes and many different health problems. As long as food deserts are around, the world can be looking at the next Unhealthy Country.

Ron Finley, a trade designer, has inspired many people in his community by starting LA Green Grounds; an enterprise that helps communities to build their own garden. Children and their parents can help volunteer to build new gardens around their community. The children can learn how to grow their own gardens and for their future, know how to make the right decisions.

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People like Mr. Finley feel that the existing food deserts need to go. I believe that food gardens are the next step in having a healthy environment for us. In the article Andrew Gunther wrote, he says “By spring 2011, he was growing tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, eggplant, and more in this urban garden for himself and local residents.” (Greening our Food Deserts From the Ground Up) This can be our next step for a striving future.

During the video, Finley discusses his goals and the challenges he has gone through to keep LA Green Grounds functioning.

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In the short film, Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock, he undergoes an experiment where he eats McDonalds for an entire month. His results were shocking; he gained a lot of weight and he almost gained many health problems. His experiment showed that living off from fast food is not the best way to go. Many families have to, due to income and the size of the household. Would you blame them for having to eat fast food? It’s cheap and it’s not healthy. It’s part of their survival.

Growing up, I have witnessed dozens of people live from fast food everywhere they go. Even I have done this before, simply because we have no food in the fridge or we don’t have time to cook. I think it’s time for food deserts to go. Let’s start making community gardens, let’s turn sidewalks into gardens; I can only see that as an escape from mass production of companies.

If we change our ways, try to put in time, we can change the lifestyle of the future. Instead of going to super markets, we would go to farmers market. The future is on our hands, we decide to improve it or to destroy it.

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