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Architecture & design Essay Examples

Development of the piano from the romantic era to the classic era

Development of thepiano from theromanticera to theclassicera Introduction        This paper preludes the history of one most versatile instrument in the entertainment industry and its development. In the closing quarter of the eighteenth century, the pianoforte turned into the principal instrument of parading western art music. The piano most commonly called the piano…

The phantom of the opera

The phantom of the opera Introduction        The phantom of the opera is a play based in the novel by the same name; it is a captivating play that brings out many themes and character traits as depicted by the main actors. This plays revolves Erik the phantom who is so possessed in…

Architectural education today: Cross-cultural perspectives

Architecture is the process by which buildings and other physical structures are planned, constructed and designed through consideration of environmental, cultural and social factors. Architecture also encompasses the issues of cost assessment, construction management and scheduling which an architect have to consider in order for it to be successful. The process of architecture involves a…



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Women are Over sexualized in the 21st Century.

Women are Over-sexualized in the 21st Century. Introduction            The music in the twentieth and twenty first centuries are significantly different, both vocal and visual. In centuries before, music was primarily made up of instrumental music from stringed and wind instruments with the exemption of Operas. With the advanced technology and…

Effects of Psychodrama Practice on University Students’ Subjective Well-Being and Hopelessness

Psychodrama can be defined as the helpful role-playing method technique usually conducted by groups. Many questions have been raised about the effects which can be caused by psychodrama on students (Blatner, & Adam, 2014). This article have discussed and compiled those effects caused by psychodrama practice on university students’ subjective well-being and hopelessness, morenean approaches:…

Othello Portia and Desdemona

Othello, Portia and DesdemonaIntroductionThey say art lives forever, while some say that nothing lasts forever, but nothing is as timeless in literature as the works of one William Shakespeare and his play, A midsummer Nights Dream. The plays have two different versions that follow the play closely, but they are as dissimilar as night and…

How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school

Perhaps the architecture is the most challenging and interesting course anyone interested in becoming an architect must undergo. I love architecture as it is influential in creativity, thus shaping our physical environment and promoting design solutions in terms of sustainable regeneration programmes linked to public building, housing and urban design. I am an ambitious, challenge…

The play “A Doll House”

A Doll House Introduction             From the play, A doll house, it is clear that there is imbalance of power between Nora and her husband Helmer. The husband goes to work and earns for the family while the wife is left at home to do the chores. This brings about the theme of gender inequality….

Analysis of the last scene in the play “The History Boys”

Analysis of the last scene in the play “The History Boys” Introduction Critical analysis of the last scene in the play “The History Boys”             This extract captures the end of the play so well. The opening statement gives the impression that the play is coming to an end. Irwin is presented in his wheelchair….

Cultural Geography of the Beatles: Representing Landscapes As Musical Texts

Beatles song analysis Introduction             Penny Lane is track number fifteen in Beatles’ album. It was released in 1967. It is a song of the rock genres. It was primarily written by Paul McCartney. He credited the song to Lennon-McCartney. The song was recorded during the sessions of Sergeant Pepper. The song was released because…

Visconti and the German dream: Romanticism, Wagner and the Nazi catastrophe in film

Richard Wagner Introduction             Richard Wagner was an influential German composer, music theorist and conductor. He was widely known for his operas later known as music dramas. He wrote text and music for all of his operas. He was born on 22nd May 1813 in Leipzig Germany and died on 13th February in Venice Italy….

Themes of The Crucible that makes it enduring and universal

Themes of The Crucible that makes it enduring and universal Introduction             In every literary work, themes are presented. Theme can be defined as comprehensive moral, message or idea of a narrative, story or a book but representation of themes differs from one writer to the other. “The crucible” is a play about the society…

Building a New Structure – NFPA Codes

NFPA The standard shall provide the minimum requirements for integrated testing of fire protection and life safety systems. These requirements include protocol for testing procedures, responsibilities for various parties, methods and documentation for verifying the operational readiness and sequence of integrated systems. The standard is designed to ensure that interconnected active and passive fire protection…

Assignment Of Building

1. List the four main public concerns identified during “the decade of conflagrations” that are still applicable to today’s fire service. • The need for fire resistive construction materials in buildings • A need for dependable water supply • The regular inspection of fire and life saving equipment • The safe storage of combustible and…

The study of design research methodology

Abstract Studies on design research methodology are infrequent, although there is a consensus that more e ort is needed for improving design research quality. Previous calls for exercising better research methodology have been unsuccessful. As numerous studies reveal, there is no single scienti c methodology that is exercised in science or in any other research…


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