Architecture As My Major Subject Essay

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Architecture As My Major Subject

I would like to take up Architecture as my major. I find Architecture interesting because it enables me to use my individual creative taste to create structures that other people will also love, and possibly admire. My interest in Architecture first developed during my sophomore year. During that year, I was able to speak to architects on field day. They shared with me their experiences and, in the process, I found myself sharing their aspirations and visions of enhancing and using my artistic capabilities in creating a beautiful community and environment and providing a better quality of life through Architecture.

This experience opened my eyes to the possibility of obtaining a new language that can transcend cultures, people and places, and which I can use to express myself spiritually, emotionally and creatively. That language is the language of designs. Therefore, I decided to pursue the field because I believe that the best career path a person can take is that which he loves and enjoys.

            I have been exposed to several activities involving architecture. I have volunteered as a teacher assistant for Architecture Graphics I. I also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and became a member of an Architecture organization in my school. Lastly, I was employed in Design Perspectives, an interior design company, for one year. These activities exposed me to various aspects of architectural work and helped me acquire some needed skills. For example, through teaching, I was able to review my previously-acquired skills and test the limits of my knowledge. Habitat for Humanity gave me practical experiences in construction and exposed me to the humanitarian side of my chosen career.

Working in an interior design company exposed me to the people-side of Architecture and taught me how to discover the client’s needs and to match our designs with these needs. All in all, these experiences helped me gain a basic grounding in architecture and a deeper respect for its art. Being an architect entails a big responsibility. I have begun to develop my own set of values and have identified the issues that I find most important. Most importantly, I have found a path in which I know I will gain not only money and success, but also fulfillment and satisfaction.

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