Arce Dairy Marketing Plan

A. Item Performance

The company still has actually an edge compared to the other ice cream markets, because they have maintained their quality ever since, together with variety of flavours. It’s not far too late if they will broaden more their service and will make more effort to increase their market share.


Arce Dairy is very happy of their high quality ice cream item. They strictly follow their tradition of using ONLY fresh CARABAO MILK and other fresh active ingredients in making their ice cream.

Its ice cream was well-known for its creaminess, genuine flavours, and unique gold can packaging– qualities that remained throughout the years.

Arce Dairy Ice Cream is made from fresh carabao’s milk that has a richer and flavourful considering that they are exposed to the tropical condition which helps them produce better milk. It is an advantage for the Arce’s given that they own a 21 hectare dairy farm in Novaliches which is likewise the just big and the only private commercial breeder of milking carabaos in the Philippines.

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Aside from their milk quality, they likewise have their fresh components such as fruits, nuts, chocolates and cheese that are being stored on large chillers.

Long-term goals

Arce Dairy tend to branch out their item not just on big scale shops like, shopping centers, supermarkets and etc., but likewise on small retailers. Since it is more available and practical that you can simply easily buy the goods that you desire in just a walking far-off shop.

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Arce Dairy Ice Cream intends to provide the best natural ice cream items to customers both here and abroad, provide excellent and natural quality items for the health mindful ones thus enhancing the quality of life. Revealing patriotism to its fellow Filipinos in buying from Filipino-made items by manufacturing and marketing consistently high quality ice cream, therefore, offering customers included worth for their money. Last but not least, to make sure in exceeding the worldwide quality standard of ending up being the source of pride for the Philippine Dairy Market.


How will Arce Dairy Ice Cream compete in the ice cream industry and regain success using its new brand name? Low market share, wherein, Arce Dairy Ice Cream belongs to the remaining 20% of the ice cream market. Poor promotional and distribution strategies.

They should compete with the other ice cream industry, and will not stick on their captured market, they should expand their market. They should try branching out especially on small retail stores. They should put much effort on their promotional and advertising activities so people will notice the product.

People’s acceptance to its new brand name.
New Ice cream flavours offered.

They could introduce new product line using their fresh milk. Health and wellness campaigns encouraging people to go for the healthier choice. Social media network serving as effective vehicle in product promotion.

Marketing Objectives
Increase sales
Brand Awareness/Exposure.
Brand Image establishment.

Marketing Programs

Arce Dairy must conduct surveys and increase it sales through the help of retail partners. Its sales must be compared to the sales projections to monitor the progress of their sales. The company must attain its projected sales or beyond it. Positioning Statement

Target Market

“Yuppies” or young urban professionals.
– Health-conscious, self-indulgent young urban professionals or “yuppies” who have the money to lavishly spend on anything they want, and also who are fickle in choosing their brand choices, depending on what is trending or getting good reviews. 20-26 years old, class A-B, male and female, living and working in/around NCR.

Product strategy

Arce Dairy started from three generations. They produce different variety of flavours like Mango, Chocolate, Blueberry Cheesecake, Buko Lechias, Avocado, Quezo Real, Vanilla, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Cheese, Ube, Almonds and Chips and many more. Arce Dairy actually has their own farm where they get most of their fresh ingredients especially the “CARABAO MILK” which they use as base for their ice cream.

Pricing strategy

Arce Dairy Ice Cream Container SizePrice range
425 mlPhp 70.00 (classic)
Php 80.00 (supreme)
Php 108.00 (sugar-free)750 mlPhp 120.00 (classic)
Php 205.00 (supreme)1.5 LPhp 228.00 (classic)
Php 408.00 (supreme, sugar-free)

Advertising strategy

Launch print ads that will capture the target market’s attention. Execute an effective guerrilla ad that stays faithful to Arce Dairy’s new image. Release a TVC to be aired during primetime.

Document the active guerrilla campaign and post it as a viral video. Use imagery that implies.


Trigger the curiosity of the target market and make them try the product. Promote Arce Dairy’s new “sexy” image. Cover up Arce Dairy’s “local/low class” image to people. Expose people to the brand.


Promotion strategy

Since Arce Dairy has no promotional straregies except on relying through word of mouth strategy, the Unfortunately, Arce Dairy has almost NO promotion. They’ve produced no TV ad, very few and unmemorable print ads. No promotional efforts are done, and they rely on word of mouth to get cutomers.

Field sales strategy

Distribution strategy
Product support

Training Requirements

Marketing research

4/5 of the people who are familiar with the brand “Arce Dairy” have claimed that it’s their favourite ice cream in the Philippines. Even though they have flavour favourites, they try the different flavours every now and then. Though they love Arce Dairy, they consume other brands more often because Arce Dairy is not available on many local stores. But whenever there is Arce Dairy available, it’s their first choice. What they love about Arce Dairy is the consistency of the ice cream, the smooth creamy texture, and the mild sweetness of the flavours.

Most of them found out about Arce Dairy first from personal references like friends, and relatives. Once they tasted Arce, it was immediately their “new” favourite ice cream. According to them, the price doesn’t bother them, since the taste is worth the price they pay. They also mentioned that they wish Arce was available to more stores. 5/5 were NOT aware that Arce Dairy uses CARABAO MILK in their ice cream. 2/5 of the people who aren’t familiar with Arce Dairy said that their favourite brand of ice cream is Selecta (particularly Magnum)

To the yuppies, quality of ice cream and product feedback is vital. If it hits home, they might actually stick to it. All they need is a good push to try the product.

Financial summary


More expensive than other brands. Maintained a clean reputation for making quality ice cream, proven by several awards given to Arce Dairy. Arce Dairy ice cream is scientifically proven much healthier compared to leading ice cream brands. Has variety of unique ice cream flavours not available in other brands.


Has very limited advertising/promotion materials, leading to unpopularity amongst the masses. Product is poorly distributed, making it available to very limited stores and locations. Not top of the mind when asked about an ice cream product. Has a “local” image, therefore viewed as “cheap”.

Performance History

Arcefoods Corporation has been honored the Hall of Fame Award as “Outstanding Ice Cream Manufacturer” by the Consumers Union of the Philippines while ArceDairy Ice Cream has been awarded the 1999 Dangal Ng Bayan “Outstanding Ice Cream Product” and the New Millennium Excellence Award “Most Outstanding Ice Cream Brand” by the Parangal ng Bayan Awards Foundation. The ArceDairy type of ice cream, the “all-natural” ice cream, has captured the hearts of Manilanians through the decades of its uniqueness and its old fashioned manufacturing process. Tenacious requests from prominent clients, captive loyal followers and food connoisseurs, demand for its return.

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