Arabia Essay Topics

The throne of Saudi Arabia

The throne of Saudi Arabia fell vacant in 1982, following Khalid bin Abdul Aziz’s assassination in 1982. King Fahd took the reins and was the King of the Saudi kingdom until death in 2005. His half-brother, Abdullah officially came to power the same year, although he has been ruling the country since Fahd’s incapacitating stroke… View Article

Cinematography in Lawrence of Arabia

Said to be one of the greatest films of all time, Lawrence of Arabia, a 222-minute movie directed by David Lean released in1962, achieved numerous accolades from popular award-giving bodies, among them the award for Best Cinematography. Through its cinematography, the desert was transformed into a character and major motivator of the film’s narrative, which… View Article

Economic development in Saudi Arabia

The topic about economic development has become contentious among many economists in the global scene. The paper focuses on economic development in Saudi Arabia. Discussion about the various concepts and theories about economic development has been introduced. An investigative approach has been applied in the analysis of the various factors affecting the economy of the… View Article

Limang halimbawa ng pang- uri na lantay?

1. Introduction The Saudi Arabian society has undergone major changes through the use of the Video (VCR/ DVD/ VCD) and television (TV). These influences come as a result of watching many hours of foreign cultures on their Video machines and the TV sets. These influences of the Video and TV may affect family ties, family… View Article