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Appreciating Cultural Values Essay Examples

Essay on Appreciating Cultural Values

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Social & Cultural Reality Theory in Action

...O’Rourke, & L. O’Neill (Eds. ), Human communication (New Zealand ed. , pp. x-xvi). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson Education New Zealand. Santrock, J. (1997). Life-Span Development (8th ed. ). USA: Brown & Benchmark Sharp, G. , & Wade, L. (Speakers). (2008, September 16). Social Construction [Youtubeclip]. Youtube. Retrieved from http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=GVVWmZAStn8&feature=player_detailpage Tapu. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 18, 2012, from Maori Dictionary website: http...

Asses the view, that working class children underachieve because they are culturally deprived

...When a teacher labels a pupil, they make predictions about their abilities for example, ‘this child will do well’ - The child then gets treated in accordance to this prediction, the pupil then internalises the teacher’s expectations which becomes part of its self-image. This makes the child become the kind of pupil the teacher perceived them to be. (e.g. if a child is labelled positively, the child will then gain more confidence and try harder with their work, thus leading them to success...

Appreciating Loved Ones

...I realized people should appreciate loved ones before it is too late and no regrets. I wish I could say I love you to my grandpa one more time and I could spend one last day with him. A loved one is someone that cannot be replaced. There has not been a day I haven’t thought about him. I wish I would have realized that you should not take your family for granted. One day they could be here, then boom, they’re gone. I know it’s hard to think about life this way, but its life. Try to make man...

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Cultural Analysis of Saudi Arabia and New Zealand

...Moreover, the guest was shown wearing shoes while seated, which is considered disrespectful by traditional Saudis. Thirdly, advertising content should be simplified but concentrated. In order to establish a long term brand and image-building, advertising content should be able to get the trust from Saudi Arabia customers, as the religious word-of-mouth effects, the high quality lamb product would be accepted by consumers in a long term. In addition, cooperating with local large media agency to c...

Job Design and Work Diversity

...Both of job design and workforce diversity have equal impact in attempt of HRM. Job design helps managers to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage in organisation. Beside that, managers need to know and understand clearly the entire workflow process in their unit. The other advantages of job design can identify employee’s knowledge and skills. It will help managers to determine employee’s position and job precisely. On the other hand, diversity also has important role in HRM. Or...

Cultural object

...The use of this object means that the society is willing and capable of allocating resources to personal entertainment. By looking at the object, one may be able to make deductions regarding its use and the culture that produced it. However, these deductions may or may not hold true, and requires much more evidence to be able to get a thorough knowledge of the culture. REFERENCES Harris, M. Culture. People, Nature: An Introduction to General Anthropology. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 197...

The Cultural Myths Of America

...A cultural myth is a traditional story that has a meaning attached to it. These myths have an effect in they way people lead their lives and even how they interact with each other. It is notable that myths have a role to play be it personally, or to the wider society. In as much as one may believe or doubt such myths, they still continue to exist in different ways, and are shaping destinies of many. Myths can be full of truth or falsehood and depend on the interpretation a person may prefer. Man...

Cross Cultural Studies in Gender

...To overcome this, Berry et al (2002) concluded that there should be a greater use of more genuine indigenous research, opposed to indigenous researchers carrying out the method of western psychologists. To conclude, despite methodological problems, due to the universal similarity in gender roles found in various investigations, it indicated that biology drives gender roles. However, difference found between cultures indicates social factors are also important, so there is a complex interaction b...

Cultural Differences and Translation of Idioms

...Beijing: Foreign Language Education and Research Press, 1999. [3] Hu Wenzhong. Introduction to Intercultural Communication [M]. Beijing: Foreign Language Education and Research Press, 1999. [4] Fang dream. Translation New Theory and Practice [M]. Qingdao: Qingdao Publishing House, 1999. [5] FENG Qing-hua. Practical Translation (update) [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2002. [6] Sun Hui-jun, ZHENG Qing-Zhu. Translation studies in the cultural shift [J]. Chinese translatio...

The Influences of Cross Cultural Training

...Scullion, H., & Collings, D. (2006) Global staffing [ Internet], Abingdon, Routledge. Available from: http://books.google.co.uk/books?hl=en&lr=&id=w3LnFQhk_FIC&oi=fnd&pg=PA117&dq=cross+cultural+training&ots=PO7QGtYn7h&sig=KNU3g8vlJXgTMP7AnqRFuIMOzAA#v=onepage&q=cross%20cultural%20training&f=false> [Accessed 13 October 2013]. Selmer, J. (2006) Munificence of Parent Corporate Contexts and Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training in China. Research Report. Denma...

Science and Erosion of Human Values

...Jacques Maritain and Leszek Kolakowski came from very different backgrounds. Maritain was deeply Catholic. Kolakowski was in no sense an orthodox religious thinker. But they would have agreed that good and evil, God and the devil, are very real - and that history is the stage where that struggle is played out, both in our personal choices and in our public actions where human souls choose their sides and create their futures. In Kolakowski's own words, "we are not passive observers or victims of...

Misconception of Identifying Ethnic Groups by Cultural Elements

...Cultural traits of an ethnic group is not always fixed, people of the same ethnic group do not necessarily possess the same cultural elements. To determine ones ethnic identity by identifying his or her cultural elements with the typical cultural elements of an ethnic group is not right. The ethnic identity of a person will still remain unchanged even if his cultural elements have changed. As stated by Michael Moerman, “Someone is Lue by virtue of believing and calling himself Lue and of actin...

Era of social and cultural rebellion

...During the 1920's, the economy grew into a consumer economy, one that revolved around the ability of the citizens to consume products. In order to make it easy for the people to do this, credit was developed. With the innovation of credit, many people became in debt, and consumer debt rose a total of 250 percent. Personal debt rose 2.5 times faster then personal income, and people just didn't have money to spend it on an education solely for the reason of becoming educated. However, in order to ...

Cultural Artifact Essay – Blue Jeans

...“European Culture 19th Century - Blue Jeans”. Fashionencyclopedia. com. Fashion Encyclopedia, Advameg, June 2010. Web. “Modern World 1980 – 2003, Designer Jeans”. Fashionencyclopedia. com. Fashion Encyclopedia, Advameg, June 2010. Web. Sullivan, James. Jeans: A Cultural History of an American Icon. New York: Penguin, 2007. Print. George, Diana and Trimbur, John. Reading Culture: Contexts for critical reading and writing. New York: Longman, 2007. Print. Beagle, Peter. American Denim: A ...

Cultural Sensitivity in Global Marketing: Australia

...It is imperative in international marketing that such cultural sensitivity about values and beliefs is adequately looked into to avoid any fall in overall trade between countries. Although the macro relationship between Australia and Malaysia soured for a while, there were signs of improvement after the Australian government intervened to resolve the key conflicts between the two countries (Wong 1995). Successful trading relations between Australia and Malaysia will rely extensively on the abili...

African American Heritage Paper

...Factors influencing food choices, dietary intake, and nutrition-related attitudes among African Americans: application of a culturally sensitive model. Ethnicity & Health, 9(4), 349-367. Purnell, L. D. (2009). People of African American Heritage. Guide to culturally competent health care (2nd ed. , p. 21-35). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Co. Revell, M. A. , & McGhee, M. N. (2012). Evolution of the African American Family. International Journal Of Childbirth Education, 27(4), 44-48. Revell, ...

Cultural Influences On Emotional Expression and Perception

...Summing up, this paper talked about the different expressions the people in different cultures gave. Everyone is brought up differently and taught differently. Therefore, we express our emotion differently because of the surroundings we grew up in, and the people that influenced us. Although people in certain parts of the world are different in terms of the background, tradition, and norm and so on, all of us are crossing that barrier on having friends by effective communication. We shouldn't p...

Philippine Literature

...· Philippine Literature and Art during the American Period: o Short Story o Poetry in English o Free Verse in Poetry o Drama · Notable Works of the American Period: o Mga Agos sa Disyerto (1964) – Efren R. Abueg, Edgardo M. Reyes, Eduardo Bautista Reyes, Rogelio L. Ordonez and Rogelio R. Sikat; this short story anthology brought fiction into the age of modernism; o Ako ang Daigdig (1940) – Alejandro G. Abadilla; free verse poem; o Sa Dakong Silangan – Jose Corazon de Jesus; a poem writte...

Philippine Literature

...· Philippine Literature and Art during the American Period: o Short Story o Poetry in English o Free Verse in Poetry o Drama · Notable Works of the American Period: o Mga Agos sa Disyerto (1964) – Efren R. Abueg, Edgardo M. Reyes, Eduardo Bautista Reyes, Rogelio L. Ordonez and Rogelio R. Sikat; this short story anthology brought fiction into the age of modernism; o Ako ang Daigdig (1940) – Alejandro G. Abadilla; free verse poem; o Sa Dakong Silangan – Jose Corazon de Jesus; a poem writte...

Expatriate Failure And Cross Cultural Communication

...In this training, we will ensure the expat understands Israeli culture and how to effectively adjust to it. In understanding the culture and by developing essential communication skills we are sure that our expatriate manager will be able to carry out company goals while effectively managing operations. Key aspects in cultural dimensions of Power Distance and Uncertainty Avoidance, established by Geert Hofstede. (Hofstede pg. 14-17) In sending an expatriate that possesses this knowledge and know...

Cultural Acceptance in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

...Since the genesis of mankind, people have identified and sought their own uniqueness. Personal characteristics that define what they are viewed as. Man’s uniqueness does not have to be a source of conflict, but rather something to be appreciated. This is the moral that Satrapi is conveying by connecting eastern and western regions. Satrapi use of character development, religion, and values of freedom as a common ground for an understanding to be built between these two cultures. Ultimately Sat...

Cross-Cultural Interview and Summary

...I know for myself that I have nothing against other races, but there are still issues that are needed to be given attention that I am not aware. The issue of discrimination has long been present but still the problem is starting to branch out and have more separated boxes such as educational attainment, age, gender and the likes. I have realized that the current society is neglecting the fact that discrimination is starting to shift and change its path. If this is not addressed, more and more pe...

Literature, Translation

...The Indian feminism could be strengthened by the nativisation of French, English, American and/or Black Feminism. The process of nativisation makes us aware of the fact that our native elements must be exported or introduced and globalised. This is not simply give-and-take policy or export-import market logic if looked into the matter of book industry, leaving aside the literary values Nativism does believe that globalization is a value system in Indian Literature, hence need to export and globa...

Cultural Masculinity and Crime

...A preamble to Criminological Theory. New Jersey: Willan Publishing, 2 Collier, R. (1998). Masculinities: Acts of Crime and Criminology. New York: SAGE Publishers, Arnot, M. L. , & Cornelie, U. (1999). Gender & Crime in present Europe. London: Routledge Publishers. Popay, J. , & Jeanette, E (1998). Men, femininity Divisions and Wellbeing. U. K. : Routledge Publishers. Pease, B. , & Camilleri, P. J. (2001). Performing with Men within the Human Services. New Jersey: Allen & Unwi...

Cultural Observation

...A majority of garments worn had some form of there language written on them. Overall more research must be done on the human race to cross-reference these ideas. It is obvious that culture is dynamic and works on several different levels in this complex society of people. Simply observing can tells us many things about there culture but will only get us so far. We must make plans to immerse ourselves in there actual culture to truly get an accurate picture of what it means to be part of Saint Lo...

Starbucks' cultural adaptation in International Operations

...Negative overall press coverage was partly the result of United States policy and Starbucks should try to "escape" from the political aspect by promoting itself as an international company rather than a US company. Separating themselves from the American image can be a danger, but they will have a more local image, by introducing local culture in their stores (e.g. local newspaper). In addition, Starbucks should demand fair prices from organic coffee farms and contribute to charitable causes to ...

Cultural Diversity in India

...There are many folk music played in India . In India, the tradition of dances is very ancients. We have different variety of folk dances some ancient times; various types of handicrafts have developed in India. Artistic vases baskets and other decorative articles are prepared. The art of painting & sculpture has long tradition. It is originated from the Stone age period. For e. g. Ajanta Ellora caves Our country have rich historical heritage. Historical monuments are the wealth of our countr...

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change

...Some of these principles include giving rewards, showing by example, encouraging involvement, repetition, stating over and over the change and how it will benefit the organization and the expectations from the team and be passionate. By considering the organization’s culture, and acknowledging any key barriers to change, one can help make the change initiative more successful. Perseverance, communication, and passion is needed to build and support new ways of working. Building a higher-perform...

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