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Appreciating Cultural Values Essay Examples

Essay on Appreciating Cultural Values

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Cultural heritage in Thai Buddhism

...Rebuilding Buddhism: The Theravada Movement in 20th Century Nepal / David N. Geller/Sarah LeVine, December 2005, Harvard University Press, USAEngaged Buddhism: Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia / Christopher S. Queen/Sallie B. King, April 1996, State University of New York Press, New York, USAWomen's Buddhism, Buddhism's women : tradition, revision, renewal / edited by Ellison Banks Findly, 2000, Wisdom Publications, Boston, USAThai Buddhism, its Rites and Activies / Kenneth Wells, 1975, Sur...

Individualism as an American Cultural Value

...Because of this, easy and carefree lifestyle, I had trouble adapting to the American culture when I moved there. I had to learn to look after myself wherein all the duties of our helpers back home, I had to them on my own in the US. Finally, because of the cultural values of the Americans, an “outsider” will find it hard or at least will need a longer time to adapt to theses values. Besides the assertiveness, optimism, boldness, a sense of enterprise, and a solid handshake, individualism wil...

Cultural Erasure

...Hoefte, Rosemarijn and Gert Oostindie (1991) ‘The Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean: Dilemmas of Decolonization’. In Paul Sutton (ed.) Europe and the Caribbean. London: Macmillan, pp. 71-98. Knight, Franklin W. and Colin S. Palmer (eds) (1989) The Modern Caribbean. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. Lamming, George (1960) The Pleasures of Exile. London: Michael Joseph. Moran, Patricia (2000) ‘Experiencing the Pan African Dimension of Carnival’. In Smart and Nehusi (ed...

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Cultural competence

...When helping patients it is always important to respect their cultures and traditions, but it is more important to build understanding between their traditions and what will best allow them to get better. Nurses can play the greatest role in building cross-cultural trust, when they (as the first line of care) educate patients on their medications and dietary recommendations. In a more diverse America we will need more Nurses to be able to not only respect cultural boundaries, but foster cultural...

Report on Cross Cultural Management of Cuba

...6.4.3 Team management of cross cultural management in Cuba As a communist society, the Cuban people are regarded as the group. It is known that Cuba is a collectivist culture. Under such political environment, people work together and share the property. They believe that all the Cubans are important and cooperation is important in the society. In the process of team management, the leaders can learn to motivate the employees and increase the cohesion power among the team members. In addition to...

Cultural Site Paper: Starbucks


Cultural or racial diversity in proffesional sports

...However, during practices and competition the coaches should ensure that only one language is spoken. Reference: Allison M & Duda J (2002) Cross cultural analysis in Sports Psychology & Exercise Sports & exercise psychology journal, volume 14 pp. 126 – 128 Bhandari R (2001) Sport & Leisure Vol. 23 Cashman R (1995) the sports paradise, the rise of organized sports in Melbourne Oxford university press pp. 25 – 38 Carrington C & Williams T (1987) Leisure, Gender & Sport ...

Culture and Culturally Competent Counselors

...Clarity in these three characteristics may allow counselors to better assist families from diverse backgrounds and that will bring about better treatment outcomes (APA, 2002). Counselors should have an attitude of cultural humility in knowing their limits of knowledge and skills in rendering diagnosis with certainty than reinforcing stereotypes and generalizations (Sue, 2008). While guidelines exist for conducting a culturally competent assessment, few of these guidelines provide the link betwee...

Food and Culture: a Cross Cultural Look at Eating Habits

...Each cultural group has a different and unique attitude towards life, built upon a universal understanding and ranking of values (Kittler, 2008, p. 37). These values form a collective standard of preferences and priorities contained by certain beliefs. Eating a particular way establishes association or membership within a group. Food habits among each cultural group are linked to their specific beliefs or ethnic behaviors. The development of food habits shows that food means more than just provi...

Importance of Understanding Cultural Diversity

...The majority of nursing homes have come to realize that employees from various ethnic and cultural back-grounds, as well as those of different gender can bring a completely different perspective. It is becoming more important to have an understanding of different cultural backgrounds since there are more and more patients being cared for in this country with very different cultural backgrounds. At the same time it is essential that the nursing unit is running smoothly and that patient care is th...

Cultural anthropology

...Mother’s or woman’s theme is the second most important theme in African art. It embodies the woman’s desire to have a child, and may symbolize mother earth. The depiction of the man with the weapon or depiction of animals traditionally symbolizes power and honor. Issues w/globalization or the environment Africa is the country solely dependent on rains, global warming may cause devastating effect on the country by worsening the food supply and, consequently, exacerbating the widespread pove...

Effect of Cultural Globalization in Intercultural Communication

...C. Review on A Problem We can see from the theory, based on the data above, that globalization is a term of influence which came from ‘the first world’ and affect ‘the third world’ in all aspect. Globalization of culture is the changing of imperialism that superior culture of western demolish culture of country fom ‘the third world’ gradually. It is done vey easy because the development of technologies and mass media spread out fast over world. These all cases affect on communicatio...

Cultural safety in nursing

...My experience of nursing Anna, and learning how her cultural beliefs affected her mood helped me achieve and develop the skills to be culturally competent in my nursing practice. Culturally competent care involves the integration of knowledge, attitude and skills to provide culturally appropriate health care (Mohr, 2003). As I want to be a mental health nurse, my practice should be culturally appropriate through the sensitive and supportive identification of cultural issues (Australia & New ...

Cultural Identity in the Film American Gangster

...Furthermore, although the central character, Frank Lucas, belongs to a multitude of microcultures or sub-cultures, strong evidence within the film has once again re-established the principles of co-existence between communication and culture. References Grazer, B. , Whitaker, J. , Zaillian, S. , Pillegi, N (Producers) and Scott, R. (Director). (2007). American Gangster [Motion Picture]. Los Angeles, CA: Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment. Neuliep, J. W. (1999). Intercultural Communication...

Cultural complexity

...Culture, as a whole is considered to be a way of life, and with religion being a part of culture, almost all aspects of culture would most likely be interlinked with religion. Certain inferences to a particular culture could be made in context with The Makayos 5 the type of beliefs that a certain community values. The Makayos, in this case, represent a vacuum in terms of religious beliefs where the type of relationship that exists is one that is simply between their god, Kayos, and the community...

Cross Cultural Understanding

...(2004). Getting to the guts of HIV pathogenesis (Vol. 200, pp. 697–700). The Rockefeller University Press. Woloschuk, W. , & Tarrant, M. (2002). Does a rural educational experience influence students' likelihood of rural practice? Impact of student background and gender. Journal of Rural Health, 18(4), 492. Zhang, A. Y. , Snowden, L. R. , & Sue, S. (1998). Differences between Asian and White Americans' help seeking and utilization patterns in the Los Angeles area. Journal of Community ...

Language, Identity and Cultural Difference

...Our conducts and practices are also regulated and organized by meaning which help in the setting of rules, norms and conventions upon which social life is ordered and governed. The question of identity therefore emerges in relation to various other divergent moments or practices within the cultural circuits; in our construction of identity and the defining of difference, in the production and consumption and in the regulation of social conduct. In all these instances, language is one of the most...

Madeleine Leininger: Bridging the Cultural Divide

...competencies for nurses: Impact on health and illness (pp. 9-39). Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. DeRosa, N., & Kochurka, K. (2006). Implement culturally competent healthcare in your workplace. Nursing Management, 37(10), 18-18, 20, 22 passim. Fawcett, J. (2002). Scholarly dialogue. The nurse theorists: 21st-century updates -- Madeleine M. Leininger. Nursing Science Quarterly, 15(2), 131-136. Jeffreys, M. R. (2010). Teaching cultural competence in nursing and health care inquir...

Islam Religion and Cultural Diversity

...Retrieved 8 May 2014, from: http://www.teachmideast.org/essays/35-religion/58-ten-things-to-know-about-islam Pecorino, P. A. (2001). Religions of the World: Islam. Retrieved 8 May 2014, from: http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/socialSciences/ppecorino/PHIL_of_RELIGION_TEXT/CHAPTER_2_RELIGIONS/Islam.htm PRC. (2012). The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity. Pew Research Center. Retrieved 8 May 2014, from: http://www.pewforum.org/2012/08/09/the-worlds-muslims-unity-and-diversity-executive-summary/ UTA. (20...

Title: Promoting Mahashangarh as World Cultural Heritage Site: Problem, Prospects and Proposition

...ABSTRACTCultural heritage, as defined by UNESCO, is the legacy of tangible and intangible qualities of a society that are inherited from past generations, conserved in the present and conferred for the benefit of future generations. To be included in the World Heritage List, any site must have outstanding universal value. It also has to meet at least one selection criteria which have been explained in the Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the world heritage convention. Until 2004,...

Social Constructionism

...Relational Buddhism is rooted in two trailblazing paradigms that have a cutting-edge practical understanding of life (Kwee, 2012). Firstly, the mind is not confined inside the skull, but is spaced in-between people’s interactions outside the body. Secondly, all that is noted in mindfulness and observed in science are conceptualisations, which reduce down to social constructions (Kwee, 2012). Kwee (2012) notes that individuals live from the cradle to the grave in an ocean of relationships, and ...

Social and Cultural Effect of Tourism

...Negative Impact: Due to the heavy traffic in the region, the present infrastructure may not be able to cope up the increased rush thus leading to overcrowding, poor sanitation which may further lead to diseases both to the tourists as well as local people. The intrusion of outsiders in the area may disturb the local culture and create unrest among the people. The local people might start to copy the lifestyles of tourists through the demonstration effect and the result could be loss of native cu...

The Cultural Phenomenon

...The Super Bowl has become a mythical spectacle of epic proportions that in the classical manner of mythical beliefs and ritual activities is a communal celebration of and indoctrination into specific socially dominant emotions, life-styles, and values. The Super Bowl integrates an eclectic group of institutions: sports, television, advertising, and the American corporate culture. The Super Bowl serves as an end-of-the-season celebration, glorifying revenues accumulated by team owners, advertiser...

Cross Cultural Business Negotiations (United States and Japan)

...Compared to other business cultures in the world, the Japanese business culture is unique in its own way. And it may seem like an obstacle, but once one get to understand the basics of culture, it also provides security to their business by building life time relationships. Some of the traits of Japanese culture are their loyalty, consistency, collectivism, their way of giving respect. If American managers do their research before meeting Japanese managers for negotiations, and take care of litt...

Cultural Elements in Translation

...One of the main goals of literary translation is show the sensibilities of the source-language culture to the target-language audience. Transmitting cultural elements is not an easy task. The translator should not only be a bilingual but also a bicultural. S/he should be familiar with the author’s intentions and readers’ expectations. S/he should study the history, social structure, religion, traditional customs and norms of both source and target texts which s/he is going to translate. Some...

Cultural Analysis of Brazil

...Critical Task Specialists in Strategic Decision Making*. Decision Sciences. [Online] 27 (1), 103–121. Available from: doi:10.1111/j.1540-5915.1996.tb00845.x. Azevedo, S. M. G. (2009). Os papéis do Conselho de Administração em empresas listadas no Brasil. Master's Dissertation, Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade, University of São Paulo, São Paulo. Retrieved 2012-11-03, from http://www.teses.usp.br/teses/disponiveis/12/12139/tde-11092009-141955/ Browaeys, M-J and Price,...

Global Communication Challenges: Cross-Cultural

...References: 1. http://www. thelatimergroup. com/aboutus/newsversions/spotlight_v5issue5. html, 2007 2. http://www. immi. gov. au/media/publications/multicultural/confer/01/speech5a. htm, 1995 3. http://perspectives. larryhollon. com/? p=414, 2006 4. http://journals. cambridge. org/action/displayAbstract? aid=1740740, 2008 (COSTAS M. CONSTANTINOU, OLIVER P. RICHMOND and ALISON M. S. WATSON (2008). International Relations and the challenges of global communication. Review of International Studies,...

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