Applying Thermal Expansion Essay

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Applying Thermal Expansion

Complete the following problems and exercises using complete sentences and showing all work where appropriate. 1. The temperature of the Sun’s interior is about 107 degrees. Does it matter whether this is degrees Celsius or kelvins? Defend your answer. No, it DOESN’t matter whether this is in degrees Celsius or kelvins, since the DIFFERENCE between these scales is ONLY ~ 273 of either measure, and that is ABSOLUTELY NEGLIGIBLE w.r.t. the magnitude of the number 10^7. However, what is more important, perhaps, is that your value of 10^7 is itself a rather loose characterization.

Modern¬†solar evolutionary models suggest rather that the Sun’s T_c is ~ 1.5 x 10^7 (degrees Celsius or kelvins) instead of merely ~ 10^7. (Our understanding of solar physics is certainly such that an error of a factor of ~ 1.5 in its central temperature would be considered way out of all reasonable possibility!) Of course the numerical factor in front of 10^7 would matter even more if one were using the (non-scientific) Fahrenheit scale. Once again, however (unlike National Geographic magazine, which should hang its head in shame over some of its conversions), one would NOT say that the Sun’s central temperature was about 2.7 x 10^7 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit! 2. What happens to the gas pressure within a sealed gallon can when it is heated? Cooled? Why? The gases in general obey the gas laws. As per the law the pressure,volume and temperature of the gas is related as: P1V/T1 =P2V2/T2;

WhereP1 is pressure at stage 1, V1 is volume at stage 1 and T1 is temperature (Kelvin) for stage 1,and P2,V2 and T2 are the pressure,volume and temperature for stage 2. Now, if a gas contained in a sealed gallon is heatedor cooled the volume of the gas is constant but pressure and temperature will adjust u=in such a way that the : P1/T1 =P2/T2

If T2 is more than T1,then( heating the gas )
P2= P1*T2/T1
as T2 >T1 so P2 will bve more than P1,hence, the pressure will increase. If T2

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