Applying for ms degree Essay

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Applying for ms degree

What is an academic transcript – A Transcript is a university certified/attested document of statement of marks. Is there any frmat of transcript – Some universities have their own formats, in such a case one must know what is the format (which can be procured by counsellor or any senior) and prepare transcript in such a format and then go to university for attestation. Some universities just sign the marksheets photocopies, thats also fine.

For central India RGPV has a format which you have been provided. DAVV uni, Indore, makes the transcript itself, signs and gives it you. Are there any charges for transcript – It depends on uni to uni. Like RGPV charges 500 Rs for 10 sets of transcripts. How many transcripts are needed – Depends in the numbers of unis you are applying. Though as a general rule we advice to get 20 sets of transcripts. Which include 20 sets of provisional degree certificates or degree certificate also, if you are a passout.

It is highly advisable that you also get attested 10 copies of all marksheets (including fail marksheets). In some unis, apart from transcripts, individual mark sheets are also asked. Do I have to carry envelopes – yes, It is must to carry 20 odd envelopes of A3 size types and get them also attested. Please see same folder which has a scan file of how envelopes are attested.

Unis do not consider any document of college/uni if it is not sealed in the envelope. RGPV issues the transcripts usually the same day. While DAVV takes a time of 4-10 days in giving you the marksheets. If uni asks you for addresses of unis in order to issue you sealed envelopes, Just see some random unis and make small stickers and paste on them. We can always send them as per us later.

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