Application of Moral Values Essay

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Application of Moral Values

There are several moral values we’ve learned throughout the whole event. Hardworking is one of the moral values that we’ve learned. The end of this event is the result of our hard work. We’ve also faced several issues and problems on the road to the success of the event. For example, some of our sponsors suddenly declined to be our sponsors, so we have to find alternative solution to overcome the problem we had. Apart from that, we’ve also work endlessly before the day of the event to finish up our preparation as soon as possible.

Of course the outcome of the event must be credited to all of our team members as all of us played a part in the preparation of the event. Apart from that, we’ve also learned to be responsible from this event as some of us have provided the wrong information for our sponsors and clients. This has caused them to withdraw their sponsorship few days before the start of the event and people that responsible for providing the wrong information has also admitted and also finds new sponsors to overcome the problem that he/she had caused.

Not only that, all of us has also worked as a team to do our corresponding tasks to complete this event. Throughout this event, we’ve learned to be responsible of our action. Not only that, we’ve also learned to be polite towards one another. We have been polite to customers that are buying stuff from our booth as well as our teammates that are also to do their jobs. As this event requires more sponsors, we’ve also learned to communicate with new people and meeting new faces by being polite to them.

Apart from that, we are also building up our college’s reputation as we represent the “face” of our Sunway College with our way of communicating with other people. Furthermore, we’ve also learn to be aggressive through the experience of hosting this event. By being aggressive, we’ve managed to thrive in this society by taking the first steps to communicate with other people and learned how to make a business deal with a certain company as this event requires sponsors to be able to make our event into a big scale event.

On the process of doing this event, we’ve also discovered several competitors hat is fighting over our sponsorship, and to defeat our competitors, we’ve learned to be aggressive than our competitors. Lastly, we’ve also learned that teamwork plays an important part during the preparation of this event. As we’re preparing for the event, we’ve learned that all of us must communicate with each other to have a perfect planning. We’ve learned to look out for each other as all of us will get tired at some point; we’ve also learned to be tolerant among each other. Without teamwork, this event wouldn’t be so successful.

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