Application of hydrotherapy Essay

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Application of hydrotherapy

To understand the role of h hydrotherapy in treatment we need to look at different techniques of hydrotherapy in relation to the diseases they are applied on. The different techniques include showers and baths (footbaths, contrast sitz baths and neutral baths). In addition there are hot compresses, heating compresses, body wrap, salt glow, wet sheet pack and douches. Cold wrappings involve soaking in cold water (the cloth is usually linen material). The soaked cloth is then wrung out and wrapped with fast short strokes on the torso and lower trunk or even the whole body after which the individual retires to bed to warm up and dry.

Studies show that this activates the body, gives the body more tone and increases the flow of blood . it can be used to correct the malfunctions of the respiratory system and for treatment of blood circulatory system. This includes diseases in the pulmonary function, asthma and bronchitis. For the cases of douches, a water hose and to some level watering can is used. Care is taken that splashing does not occur and the water covers or wraps the skin. The motion of the water flow is from the outside towards the integral parts of the body which is the heart.

Douches are of many forms depending on where they are applied and are named after various parts of the body that they are done onto. There is the arm douche, face douche, knee douche and many others. The knee douche is applied in patients with headaches, insomnia, migraines and low blood pressure. It is known to influence the gastro-intestinal motility and reproductive organ functions. It is also a deterrent to possible damage of the veins, venules and arteries. It is contra- indicated incase of infection of the urinary tract, backpains, during menstruation and for the case of sensitive bladder functioning.

Face douches are known to relieve headaches, toothaches and strained eyes. They are done from the right temple progressing towards the chin and stroking towards the left temple with right to left lashes across the forehead. There is repeated movement from the forehead to the chin with continuous circles across the face. For the lower trunk douche the motion of the water string is from the right small toe through the outside of the lower leg to the hollow of the neck. then back along inside over the sole of the foot covering the entire lower trunk .

it addresses patients with diabetes mellitus ,enlargements of the gall bladder and formation of kidney stones. Its not advisable to be applied during menstruation, back pains, for people with irritable bladders and urinary tract infections. Wraps have a basic role in treatment for local inflammation and fever. Its done with the patient postured in a relaxed position. A linen cloth is soaked in cold water, wrung out and wrapped or wound on specific parts of the body with care being taken to ensure that the body is not interfered with in terms of blood circulation. For the case of respiratory diseases, warm water is used.

When wrapping has been done, dry linen or cotton cloth layer is also used as a wrap after which the patient is covered in a blanket or piece of cloth and left to rest for an hour. But for the case of reduction of sweating, the patient is left to rest for around two and half to three hours. If warmth is lost within the first third of an hour, its restored using hot water bottles or by administering warm dinks especially tea. In case they cause any discomfort wraps should be immediately removed and the patient exposed to fresh air. Neck wraps are used in sore throat treatment.

Joint wraps are used in athrosis and rheumatoid arthritis. To treat virginities prostatitis, anal eczema or even inflammation within the pelvis heat wraps are used. Inflammatory diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, ulcers, insomnia fever are treated using body wraps. Simple chest wraps treat lung diseases and bronchitis. Saunas have an effect similar to that of steam baths. In saunas, heat gets rid of waste products across the skin and the moist atmosphere of the bath is thought to causes changes in the muscular walls of the respiratory system. Both saunas and steam baths are thought to be reliable ways of reducing stress.

Saunas help in opening up the breathing system, increasing respiration increasing mental relaxation. They are thought to have a boosting capacity for the immune system. They increase cardiovascular motion rate and hence stimulate the flow of blood. Stem baths and saunas are applied in cases of bronchial asthma, formative stages of hypertension and in extreme case of malfunction blood circulation problems with regard to the rest of the body organs exclusive of the heart. With the passage of time and the ever increasing need to address different maladies, hydrotherapy has been adopted as a system of treatment for many other diseases.

However it is important o note that full and partial immersion baths are used in the treatment of back pains and common cold . its also important to note that most techniques of hydrotherapy are contraindicated in patients with sexually transmitted infections, vital organ inflammations and prominent vascular damage to brain, cardiovascular, and circulatory system and also in some forms of cancer. The best model at sitting position would be in form of a bath tub with an approximate length of 24 inches, width 14 inches, depth 14 inches, a tank height of 21 inches.

The capacity of the water tub will be about 14 gallons. When empty, the weight should be 80 pounds and when filled up around 197 pounds. The electricity supply should be single phases at 230 volts, frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz. The model though not illustrated so far should be an improvement of the common models found in homes taking advantage in bath tubs which are common in homes. Executive summary Hydrotherapy is widely used in improving complexion, stress relive, improving of the immune system, pain relive an improving of the circulatory system.

Hydrotherapy done during stress or with a view of relieving pain or stress is a way of influencing chemical changes in the body which are responsible for the high blood pressure and abnormal heart beat rate. Hydrotherapy reduces the symptoms of swollen joints and related complications of rheumatoid inflammation. In the first treatment, experts advise that the first treatment of hydrotherapy has different effects in that after the first five minutes there is a decrease in blood pressure and heartbeat rate. After ten minute efficient circulation makes the limbs or appendages warmer.

After 15 minutes muscle relaxation occurs as excretion through the skin peaks. After twenty minutes there is s decrease in pain. With constant treatments, the immune system is boosted tension is relieved. However with more than 8- 10 treatments depending on individuals there is muscle relaxation and longer lasting pain relive coupled to stronger immune system, improved digestion and better complexion. References 1. Edmond G. The Gorncourt Journals, Doubleday press, 1958(USA). 2. William J, The Medical Critic and Guide, Critic and guide press,1908,(USA). 3.

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