Application of CRM at Minitrex Company


Customer Relationship Management is a technique to develop strong relationships with the client and to know more about the client requires. More powerful relationships with the clients will assist in the advancement of the business. CRM helps in understanding the requirements of the consumers by gathering the details about the clients, and this helps to market and offer the company’s items. CRM makes the use of technology and human resources for the development of the service. By implementing CRM Better customer support can be offered.

Sales staff can work successfully

Can discover the brand-new customers and maintain the existing ones. For the reliable functioning of a CRM, first the company ought to understand about their clients and must know their worth for the life time. They need to likewise know what their client’s needs and should establish a technique to meet those needs. The company should look after how the details will be conserved in the type of information and how it can be used.

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The stored information can be utilized for marketing functions like mail projects, sales personnel working for offering items, customer service calls and so on. CRM connect all those information. Company analysts will care for each element and determines the area that needs much better services (Wailgum, 2014).

CRM at Minitrex

Minitrex is a company with 2 major departments including financing and insurance. George Degas is the director of sales at Minitrex. He designated Harold Blufmen as the VP of insurance division and Mariella Hopkins as the head of the finance division.

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Credit administration system that works on the billing and payments of the customers and, General Management system that monitors the customers are the two back end systems for the insurance coverage division. A management company centre application was developed by the Financing department in order to help the client service representatives to track the sales and to provide support to the customers by offering online services like statements and requesting loans through online.

Jon Bettman who is appointed as the VP of sales and marketing has created a customer contact system which schedules periodic calls to the customers, feeds data regarding the customers in the insurance and the finance division(Smith, H.A., et al., 2005). The problem at the Minitrex is that customers are receiving the calls multiple times from different sections of the company. In order to prevent this, Customer Relationship Management should be developed which stores all the data from different divisions. A business analyst should be appointed to look after all the data and he should look after the defects of the organization and should develop a strategy to overcome those problems. Sales man must be supported with the guidance by providing training on how to track sales and tracking the new leads of the sales. Team work should be maintained between all the members of the organization starting from the sales man to the head of the organization.

All the contact information with the customers should be noted using the technological methods contact system management. Following these guidelines will help the company in implementing the CRM at Minitrex.


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Application of CRM at Minitrex Company

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