Application of Computer Essay

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Application of Computer

Computers play a great role in the society. Whether at home, in school, at the mall or in the office, computers significantly help in the accomplishment of various tasks. Be it at work or at play, computers have undeniably been utilized to perform general or specific activities that enable life to be more convenient and worry-free.

Computers in Business

In the field of business, computers are very useful. They are used in keeping records of daily sales and profits. Computers are also used to prepare materials to promote the products of the business establishments.

Computers in Engineering

Engineers use computers to create the design of a complex object using a computer program for Computer-Aided Drafting.

Computers in the Government

Computers are used to keep records of the people that the government serves. Several government agencies use computers to facilitate the task they are required to give to the people.

Computers at Home

Computers are used at home for recreational purposes. You can listen to music, watch movies and play games. Children use their computers at home to do their schoolwork. Parents use computers to assist them in doing their daily tasks. If your computer at home has internet access, then you can explore the amazing features of the Internet in the comfort of your home.

Computers in Manufacturing

Computers are used in manufacturing to manipulate machine that perform dangerous tasks or tasks that are repeatedly done.

Computers in School

Computer Education is one subject taught in schools today. Teachers use computers in classroom instruction, in computing grades and in preparing visual aids. Students use computers to study various computer applications. Libraries are connected to the Internet and students access the internet to do research.

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