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Application Letter

My education at Cyfair instilled in me the humility that people need to share views with one another to have open-minded understanding. Personal beliefs, business ethics, and social views can be deepened through exposure to various cultures. Sadly, opportunities to experience other cultures are not easily available for all. Thus, my thrill when I learned of Cyfair’s reciprocal education program with China’s Peking University. The business exchange program represents a chance to educate myself better, hone the business skills I have gained, and create a familiarity with another culture.

I see the program as a means to realize developments in my self and career. I am a supply chain and accounting student who dreams of landing a position in the supply chain department of a prestigious company in the future. Through my unique experiences and strong familiarity with business techniques, I aim to be an indispensable asset to my future company. I believe that participating in an exposure trip to China will help me advance my career goals as well as broaden my spectrum of thinking. China is one of the most rapidly developing in the world. It is a major power in import, export, and manufacturing.

China has also been deemed a place worthy for investments, with insurance companies, banks, oil and service industries all choosing China as the place to expand their businesses in. Hence, experiencing the Chinese business environment and pace will increase my competency. Having a previous exposure to foreign corporations and their particular business ethics will also allow me to communicate with them better in the future. I think profound and genuine understanding and consideration of how other nations do business will be profitable to both our sides.

Thus, early experience with China’s corporate world will provide me better negotiation skill, eventually leading to maximized profits for both sides. The exchange program with Peking University will further enhance the knowledge I have gained in Cyfair. Apart from the appeal of adding to my business experience, I also want to join the program to experience the Chinese culture. I am interested in putting myself out in a place that is so foreign and different from what I am used to. It will be an eye-opening experience for me to discover myself and my strengths and weaknesses when I am out of my comfort zone.

As I experience a totally new culture, I also aim to better understand my own ethnicity. This will be a learning opportunity for me in terms of my personal and academic education. I have big dreams for myself that I try to reach by building myself up to be the best supply chain manager-accountant I can be. I believe that joining an exchange trip to Peking University could add to and enhance my strengths as a student and future business player. Taking part in the program is definitely an honor not bestowed on just any or everybody.

However, I feel that I am worthy and capable of managing such an honor and responsibility. I fit the requirements of the program and can bring a bit more personality into it as well. My fluency in the Chinese language and good academic standing gives me an edge and readiness to take part in this program. I have an outgoing personality, and I am excited about the challenges and surprises that an exchange program to China will bring. I am keen on building relationships with my fellows and the people I will meet in China.

I am proud to be a Cyfair student and am eager to introduce and share the Cyfair spirit and culture to the students of Peking University. I am well aware of the gravity of the exchange program to my life, future career, and our University. I am serious about my desire to improve my profile as a supply chain and accounting student. Knowing that this is a once in a lifetime adventure. I want to complement my learning with experiencing the Chinese culture. I also want to have a great time and enjoy the experience. I plan to completely dive into and make the most out of this opportunity.

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