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Apple’s Ipad 2 Advertisement

Advertisements are all around us in today’s fast paced society and have been for a long time. Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade the consumer to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Lu and Lu (2009) stated, “In order to create advertisements, advertisers need intelligence, techniques, good understanding of products, and most importantly, an understanding of the consumer’s reaction” (p. 81). Advertising has different effects on consumers; it changes their prospective on what is, and what is not worth buying, what they buy and when they buy it.

This paper will identify an advertisement, the market segment targeted, and provides recommendations for a new or improved advertisement. The selected advertisement chosen is the Apple’s iPad 2 television commercial “If You Asked”. Apple’s latest iPad 2 television commercial “If You Asked” points to how people with different backgrounds love different aspects of the device. Apple’s stuck to simplicity in marketing the iPad 2. This advertisement pushes usage scenarios rather than specific technology.

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Some of the products benefits were communicate effectively.

The Apple’s iPad 2 commercial did not differentiate its product from the competitor’s products. Overall, the commercial solely focuses on the experience and not the detail that competitors do. Mullins and Walker (2010) states, “Market segmentation has become increasingly important in the development of marketing strategies” (p. 181). In today’s competitive world, it is important to analyze the needs and wants of different market segments. Organizations use market segmentation to focus on attractive customer groups, differentiation, and better align with customer needs.

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Apple’s targeted market segment in the ad is consumer market segmentation. The consumer market segment was appropriately directly targeted in the commercial. Apple’s key strategies include beautiful design, looking at a product from customer’s perspective as opposed to relying on focus groups. Apple’s fits in the consumer market because they try to maximize profit by matching their products with the customers who are most like to buy or use them. To improve the Apple’s iPad 2 advertisement some recommendation would be focusing on the new feature such as the thinner design, smart cover, two cameras for face time, and HD video recording.

I would recommend starting the commercial by discussing the Apple’s iPad 2 thinner designs, and the smart cover. The commercial would then go into showing the face time instead of the video in the beginning. The commercial ad also would concentrate on the brand. In conclusion, all organizations thrive hard to have a successful advertisement for there product. “Good advertising can make or break a product and with the commercial pressure to win and keep market share manufacturers and retailers tread a fine line to keep within Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines”, stated by Sanderson (2002, p 14).

The most important principle to grasp in advertising is placing the advertisement where most of your target audience is likely to see it. Advertising is design to sell a product. Apple’s iPad 2 was the chosen advertisement. The consumer market segmentation was the targeted market segment of Apple’s iPad 2 commercial. In addition, there were some recommendations provided to improve the advertisement of Apple’s iPad 2.

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