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To help Apple figure out what can be done to maintain and/or surpass its current level of success within the smartphone market Team D created and administered a ten question survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain knowledge on what consumers think about the iPhone and determine any desired changes to ensure Apple’s top rating within the smartphone market. The results of the survey will be analyzed to identify any trends or similarities between all of the different respondents.

Sampling Process and Data Collection

The survey was distributed via Facebook to current and future smartphone owners. It was not a requirement for respondents to be previous or current iPhone users. Each team member was instructed to post a link to the survey using her personal social media account along with a brief description of the survey’s goal. The website is a free way to collect the necessary data. Survey Monkey collected and grouped the data from the responses.

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Most statistical studies are based on samples of relevant data with the main criteria ensuring that the sample provides a faithful representation of the totality from which it is selected, and to know as precisely as possible the probability that a sample is reliable (Sociology Guide, 2014).

There are several types of sampling methods that can be used. The sampling method that is used for this survey is random sampling. This type of sampling includes choosing subjects from a population through unpredictable means. All subjects have an equal chance of being selected out of the population being researched.

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This type of sampling is beneficial because a survey is the best way to show unbiased results. It is also a faster, less expensive, more efficient way to obtain results (Random Sampling, 2014).

Types of Data Collected

The first step to collecting the data was figuring out the sample population for the survey. The target population was current and future smartphone users. The second step to collecting data was to use survey questions that showed interval and ratio data. The results from the questions obtained some good data that could help Apple make some good decisions to better their product. The third step to collecting the data was to conduct the survey, via social networking, and analyze the results that were collected through the Survey Monkey website.

Data Analysis

The majority of the survey respondents, 61.54%, has owned or used an iPhone for 2-4 years. Most of the respondents seem to be pleased with the iPhone giving between a 7 or 8 ranking on a scale of 1 (Least favorable) to 10 (Most favorable). There was a great demand for a larger storage capacity with features/camera/apps coming in a close second. Other suggestions were free access to iCloud, Apple’s digital storage hub, improved GPS/navigation, and multi-tasking capabilities.

Most of the respondents (73.08%) agreed that improvements would persuade them to keep their current iPhone or purchase a new one. A few respondents suggested that Apple offer features comparable to that of other smartphone manufacturers. Over 60% of respondents agreed that the iPhone is in jeopardy of not being the most popular cellular device in the future. The comments ranged from Apple having strong brand awareness to the necessity of improvements and adjustments for the smartphone to remain competitive. A price increase proved to be a determining factor for future sales. The majority of respondents said they would not purchase an iPhone if the price were raised. On the contrary, most respondents said that they would still use the phone if Apple performed software upgrades instead of rolling out a new phone. 73% would recommend the iPhone to family and friends.


Overall, consumers were pleased with the iPhone as it is but most agree that the smartphone could benefit from additional storage. The survey successfully identified points for improvement while providing insight into consumers’ thoughts on the iPhone. The consensus is that Apple should aim to be more competitive within the market. The responses show that without adjustments the iPhone may become less popular among consumers.


There were 10 questions in your survey. I am having trouble finding the results for these 10 questions. Map your analysis and graphical representations to the questions. Any question on a survey should be providing needed information for decision making or it should not be on the survey. Only one question collected interval data – question 1 of your survey. How would you rate your device on a scale of 1 to 10.

This question produces interval data – your results should include calculations such as the mean and standard deviation. Such calculations are important to business decision making. The survey should include at least two such questions. Include an additional question so that further analysis can be done. Review the McClave text chapter two for methods to analyze interval and ratio data. Consider mapping to the survey questions –

1. How would you rate your device on a scale of 1 to 10?

2. Would you suggest the iPhone to your friends and/or family?

3. What features would you like to see improved and/or offered on the next version of the iPhone that is currently available on other smartphones?

4. What changes if any would you like made to the iPhone?

5. What do you consider its best feature?
6. What does the main use of your iPhone consist? (school function) (work related activities) (social media and personal contact) 7. Is your iPhone black or white?
8. Are you male or female?
9. Which age range do you fit? (16-18) (19-25) (26-35) (36-45) (46+) 10. Have you owned a cell phone besides the iPhone? If yes, what phone was it? Group_______

Random Sampling. 2014. What is Random Sampling? Retrieved from: Sociology Guide. 2014. Sampling. Retrieved from: SurveyMonkey. 1999-2014. Analyze results. Retrieved from Content

70 Percent
Pts. Earned /Pts. Possible
Identifies sampling process by sampling contact, distribution and collection methods Include a description of the sampling method (i.e. random, systematic, convenience,…) Includes complete administrators of surveys and data collection deliverables Review concludes students have used correct organization, analysis, and interpretation of the data attained during research Includes visual representation of data collected using tables and figures with descriptive elements to discern categorization

See embedded comments.
Review the sampling methods to determine and support the method being used in your study. Review the visualization and presentation of the 10 questions in your survey and how to best communicate the results. A table or additional graphics to clearly indicate the results of the 10 questions. Include analysis of two questions that produce interval/ratio data. Information can be found in the McClave text chapter 2 for the calculations of such values as the mean and standard deviation.


Writing Guidelines
30 Percent

Tables or figures should include all the appropriate labeling, can be easily understood, even in the event of administration difficulty. Participants’ names and identifiable data should remain anonymous to avoid perceived bias towards the sampling. Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page.

APA guidelines followed.
Consider the research design flow to communicate the data collected from your survey. I could not follow from your week 4 project.


Assignment Total

Additional comments:

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