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Apple paper

Global competition on the decisions made by management with regards to change in labor demand, supply, relations, unions, and rules and regulations in your chosen industry————– Apple demands a high quality of fair acting companies to treat their employees with respect and humility and call for them to take the high road when it comes to treating their employees the right way. Apple states that “We don’t allow suppliers to act unethically or in ways that threaten the rights of workers — even when local laws and customs permit such practices.

We’re working to end excessive work hours, prohibit unethical hiring policies, and prevent the hiring of underage workers”. This helps their management team make the right decisions that promotes safe environment for all and helps provides safe hours and limits underage labor, apple states Suppliers must return underage workers to school and finance their education at a school chosen by the family. In addition, the children must continue to receive income matching what they received when they were employed.

We also follow up regularly to ensure that the children remain in school and that the suppliers continue to uphold their financial commitment. and making sure that students are not overwhelmed with a workload that doesn’t allow them to study. In brief apple gives a great example of student relations In China; many students are required by their school programs to complete fieldwork (internships) as part of their curriculum. Our suppliers must follow strict standards when hiring students as interns or apprentices. For example, student working hours must comply with legal restrictions and not conflict with school attendance. Suppliers must also ensure that the education program requirements adhere to laws and regulations. We’ve discovered that some elements of these programs are poorly run, and the cyclical nature of internship work makes it difficult to catch problems. In 2013, we will require suppliers to provide the number of student workers along with school affiliations so we can monitor this issue more carefully.

We’ve begun to partner with industry consultants to help our suppliers improve their policies, procedures, and management of internship programs to go beyond what the law requires. As for supplies there is a great dedication to keeping everyone happy and entitled to different rights to were and how supplies are purchased. Apple is committed to using conflict-free minerals, and we’ve joined the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, a joint initiative among governments, companies, and civil society to support supply chain solutions to conflict minerals challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As one of the first electronics companies to map its supply chain for conflict minerals, we actively survey suppliers to confirm their smelter sources. As of December 2012, we have identified 211 smelters and refiners from which our suppliers source tin, tantalum, tungsten, or gold.

Apple suppliers are using conflict-free sources of tantalum, are certifying their tantalum smelters, or are transitioning their sourcing to already certified tantalum smelters. We will continue to work to certify qualified smelters, and we’ll require our suppliers to move their sourcing of tin, tungsten, and gold to certify conflict-free sources as smelters become certified. Apple has not completely like the idea of a union and has a some points that why it should and shouldn’t go but there are pros and cons to it all. Starting today, Apple Store managers will have to undergo euphemistically-titled “union awareness” training, to learn about attempts by employees to unionize. It’s safe to say Apple doesn’t want unions getting in the way of their creepily efficient customer service.

The bright, friendly facade of the Apple store hides some weird stuff, according to current and former employees. Porn-stuffed laptops, positivity… Read… While there are plenty of worse places you could be working than the Apple Store, all is not perfect in the gleaming temples to consumerism. Workers complain of rigorous hours and low pay, like any retail job, as well as Apple-specific hardships, the constant threat of censure for something as trivial as saying “unfortunately” too much. Apple must be feeling the heat from a potential populist Genius uprising. One Apple Store employee launched an effort to unionize US Stores this summer; in Italy, Apple Store employees have already gone on strike for improved working conditions.

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