Appellate court Essay Topics

Comparative Public Administration

Comparative Public Administration: Historical and sociological factors affecting administrative systems; Administration and politics in different countries; Current status of Comparative Public Administration; Ecology and administration; Riggsian models and their critique. ________________________________________________________________________ Click on ‘ JOIN THIS SITE ‘ to get instant updates on new posts on this blog. And also for’ INTERACTIONS AND DISCUSSIONS’ regarding… View Article

Judicial Precedent Casesnotes

6.4 Continuity and change in the doctrine of precedent Miliangos v George Frank [1976] AC 443 (Required) Key Facts The claimant (M), who was a Swiss national, supplied yarn (紗線) to an English company under a contract which provided for payment to be made in Swiss francs. The company failed to pay and M made… View Article

Pledge of Allegiance in School

Pledge of Allegiance in School My choice of writing for the Rogerian essay is on the topic of the Pledge of Allegiance in School. “In a decision that stunned the nation, a federal appeals court in June ruled that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional because the pledge contains the words… View Article