Appeal Letter – Academic History Lack of Progress Essay

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Appeal Letter – Academic History Lack of Progress

Academic History Lack of Progress

When I originally began attending Grossmont in Fall 1996 I had planned on obtaining my Associates Degree in Accounting. In the Spring of 1999 I only managed to obtain a General Associates Degree. I did not take full advantage of the Counseling Department and the ESOP Department to fully understand what plan of action I needed to accomplish my goals. I was on public assistance and a single mother at the time of my enrollment so I was given the choice of taking the GE degree or loosing my County Aid. I worked very diligently with a counselor toward the end of my educational objective to take the courses needed for the Accounting Degree so I could come back and take the missing required classes to try and transfer to a 4 year school. In 2009 my employer requested that I enroll in Web Development so I could become the in house IT person. I made the attempt but could not maintain the schedule that was demanded of me by both the class and work. By not using the student services offered, such as tutoring and counseling, I fell behind in some of the required courses for Accounting.

This time everything in my academic future has changed. Since I am a returning student, I know what is expected and what services Grossmont offers so that I will be successful in my goals. I do not have any demands on my time and my goals are very different than my first time. After talking at length with a family member who is a Sign Language Interpreter, I feel it is the profession that would best suit what I am best at. I am determined to become an American Sign Language Interpreter so that I can be a productive and vital part of society. The first step in my plan is completing my Associates Degree in ASL.

In November 2012 I became disabled and can no longer work. One of my disorders is PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. I have been working with my therapist and counselor to figure out what direction I want my life to go in and how to get there. I have developed a plan with both of them that will also benefit my academic success. After researching what I need to do in order to achieve my goal I registered for school, applied for my FAFSA and was approved to begin registering for classes on August 15, 2013. I have attempted to register for every class that had a open wait list or that was still open. Since I registered so close to the beginning of the Fall semester I was only able to successfully get into two classes. They both are part of my General Education requirements.

I now have a clear and concise plan for my future goals. I depend on my financial aid being reinstated so I can continue to gain the skills necessary to become an interpreter. My only source of income currently is Disability so without my financial aid I won’t be able to afford school. I will be working very closely with my counselor and I will utilize all the student services you offer so that I will be able to finish my degree in the allotted time frame. I respectfully request that you reinstate my financial aid so I can continue on my path to a new career.

Thank you for consideration.


Tracy L. Cline

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