Apology Letter for Drawing in Class

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She sorted out a problem to define how to find any restrictions for the following. Ten minutes before the period was over, I asked her if I could turn in the worksheet the next day but she said it was due at the end of the period and if I would like I could turn it in late at my own risk; which I decided to do. According to the substitute, I spent the whole period drawing when her statement is unfortunately not true.

Although the other side of the classroom crudely gave her attitude towards the seating chart, I don’t understand why those specific people aren’t forcefully writing apologetic letters about their wrong doings as well. Like I was told “life can be unfair at times” so I am going to be the bigger person and still apologize and admit what I did was incorrect. Drawing in class is wrong because it wastes class time to complete assignments and it makes others upset.

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Next time there is a substitute, I will focus only on completing the following tasks given that day and I will not draw in class anymore because I will be notified as a burden again. Out of sarcasm, I will not help anyone who asks questions about the assignment due to the fact it causes multiple distractions that lead to uncompleted assignments from using up my own class time. I am very sorry for drawing in class and I promise I won’t draw unless instructed by a substitute or the teacher himself.

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I hope I am forgiven for my misfortune and that my grades will now be “unfrozen”.

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