Apology Essay Topics

Analytical Paper: Justin Martyr, First Apology

Justin Martyr was the Greek apologist of Christianity who lived in the 2nd c. A. D. He was famous for his two Apologies (the First Apology dates back to about A. D. 155, rediscovered in 1364 ), and the Dialogue with Trypho. Both Chadwick and Richardson called him one of the most prominent advocates of… View Article

Crito and the Apology

Socrates laid it down all, so to speak, his reasoned argument of his role in the advancement of knowledge among the youth of his time in his Apology, and his equally reasoned defense of the law in Crito. Now, it seems that in the midst of his deliberations in both apologies, Socrates made statements which… View Article

Critique on Plato’s Apology of Socrates

Socrates was a great philosopher of his time. There came a point in his life when his beliefs were questioned and his teachings doubted. He was charged for evil deeds and wrong doings. His accusers said he made people see the worse as better and passed them on as truths. They also said that he… View Article