“A worldview is your philosophy of life. It is the structure you give decision-making” (Weider & & Gutierrez, 2011, p. 69). How we view the world leads us to our destination.

II.1. The concern of origin- Where do we come from? Christians believe that we were produced by the one and just sovereign God (Genesis 1:27). The Christian worldview says that God created the world and whatever in it within a six day period where on the sixth day God developed one guy and one woman from which the past and present international population has actually come from (Genesis 1:28).

2. The concern of identity-What does it suggest to be human? The Christian worldview accepts that we are an unique production of God. Christians believe that male was made in the similarity of God (Genesis 1:27) and after that provided the authority over all of the earth (Genesis 1:28 -30). God intended that male would look after both the animals and plant life, and both livestock and plant life were provided to man to be used as a food source.

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3. The question of meaning/purpose- Why Does humanity exist? Christians believe that mankind exists to glorify the developer. This is achieved through a wide array of efforts and ways. Some of these efforts include praise, (Psalm 95) obedience, (Philippians 2:12 -13) prayer, and thanksgiving. The object of these efforts is to establish a personal relationship with God. Completion result of the relationship being immortality where the specific pleasures in God’s immeasurable magnificence for eternity.

4. The question of morality -What is meant by right and wrong? The Christian worldview points out that morality is stemmed from the person of God.

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Specifically God offered humanity with law to develop a standard for morality (Exodus 20). Morality was not left for male to figure out, however was established by God. Humanity has actually rejected God’s law of morality therefore this is in requirement of salvation from God’s judgment (Romans 3:23).

5. The concern of destiny- Is there life after death? Christians believe after death the soul will forever go to one of 2 locations, with God in.
paradise or separated from God in Hell. The Christian worldview preserves that both paradise and hell are not figurative, but literal places. In order for one to go to Heaven one should be justified and sanctified.

Justification is completed through an individual’s belief in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and trust that Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient atonement for one’s sin (John 3:16). Sanctification is carried out daily through a personal relationship with Jesus; the product of which is repentance from sin and obedience to God’s standards of morality ultimately resulting in the soul’s eternal residence in Heaven (Matthew 25:23)

III.1. The way the biblical worldview influences the way that I think about, treat, and speak to others on a daily basis comes from being able to accept everyone for who they are. It is easy for the flesh to pass judgment, but I always try to hold each person in the eyes of our Lord. I do not want to be judged or spoken down too therefore I will not act that way towards others. Our biblical worldview can reflect a huge impact on others. 2. The way the biblical worldview influences the way I treat/interact with the environment and non-human creation is based on how God took the time to create every single thing on this planet.

I want to take care of His earth, His creation just as He expects me too. We were given authority over the earth, so I will obey. “God is the source of all that is good, and His goodness can be seen in the beauty of His creation” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011, p.75). For mankind to harm His creation would be the same as if I bake a cake and then someone comes along and just dumps it in the floor.

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