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Just a tiny-big pleasure of mine, you are.

Pumping the fluid up straight to my smiley-facey,

And hurtfull as well,

As your manners understate, in my veins the liquid is speedy,

And all the distance flaring up my desire – for sure no one would measure.

To one such young and fancy,

Blurring my vision with a halo above her dare shiny,

And blinding me like i was weeny,

And there appears a complete fantasy never meant to be really.

A kind of melt forcing me to diggy·

They all leaped suddenly with the shot of the door.

Four couple of eyes gazed each other as if each of them would blame one another. The sneaky question echoed brutally: “Who done this murder? Who killed Byam?” No one replied as they got disturbed by the intention of this question. The question echoed again: “Who done it? I know that you all have your own reasons to commit this murder of Governor Byam, better you start, and I will ease your punishment.

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You, Ceasar, maybe you just remember those amative days with Imoinda, and you still desire her?”

“I am not capable of understanding the reason why I am the honest guy, is here? Did not I tell you my innocence is just as Adam’s? Why insisting on me, as you are trying to cover up something?” protested Oroonoko, smoking his tobacco desperately.

“The great tragedies are caused by the great nobilities, dear Ceasar as if you deserve to be called this way” answered inspector Midwife.

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The irony of her position made all the suspects doubt her since she was the actual mother trickster among them, and they never understood how she became an inspector in the police department. “So, maybe, Mr. Crusoe is civilized enough to tell us the truths. We know that you, Mr. Crusoe did not dare to object Governor’s shutting down the process of your travel agency. Maybe you were waiting this wedding day to murder him?”

“Murder is against God’s will. If I wanted to kill him, I would have done it already. Why today? I’m not brave enough to play the role of God. When it is predestined, then you have no other choice but obey. In fact, I remember the wine glass on Byam’s worktable covered with a lipstick too close to Mrs. Flanders’ color that she wears. Why not asking her? Why did she run out so panicky as if she committed a sin that she never attempts before?” He was crossing himself as if he had a shiny halo over his head while defending his reputation. He was successful to direct all those sneaky looks in the room to the only natural born sinner of a woman.

“You should pray for not being cursed for speaking about a tasteful nun in this way. Imoinda is just like a sister to me. Indeed, you should have known that I did organize all the wedding affair for their eternal happiness. Why would I murder Mr. Byam while she was in love with him? Could I dare? All I want to underline is that the libido may tear the most honorable and respected man down, even bringing them to their end. Ah, the devil, he never leaves alone the mankind, even on their wedding days, they attempt to buy some fake jewelry as if the real one is not waiting for them. Whatever, I was so bored of the attention of gentlemen in the garden, and then I went to have a respite on my own. But one jumps out of the frying pan into the fire. How would I know that I would face a man crazed by heresy? Now, is it my sin or just Eve’s that passed along to us over generations?”

All in a while, the door was kicked to open, and an officer interrupted Mrs. Flanders’ declarations of her chastity. He arrested the inspector Midwife in the midst of confused looks of so-called suspects. This was not actually a situation to be shocked because they all knew that the justice walks hand in hand with the tricksters nowadays.

The day’s magnificence is replaced with the gloomy darkness of the night in the Byam’s mansion. The agony in the corridors dragged Friday into the room of the murder where the black Venus was mourning in the tremble. “Ma’am, your sorrow seems worthless to me, with all my respect. Yesterday, I was tiding up the office of Mr. Byam, and I found some letters signed up by Mrs. Midwife full of threats for not him to marry you, my lady. So today, I was astonished at her coming to your wedding. She kept following Mr. Byam all day with furious eyes, and I realized it when I was rushing for serving to guests.

For a moment, I saw them discussing in the far edge of the garden, and my master went away with his temper as she followed him. I was curious what was happening, so I followed them as well. Then I reached the office of Mr. Byam and since it was locked, I looked inside through the keyhole, yet I had to be cautious since Mr. Crusoe and Mr. Ceaser were in the hall, chatting. However, I was actually surprised when I saw Mrs. Flanders instead of the Midwife. My master was trying to rape her. She resisted with all her power, I swear you. But the condition of the master was really terrible. She managed to escape from his arms and run to the door with all the blood on her face. I positioned myself back to normal and as soon as she went, I turned back to my looking point. Later I saw the wicked woman in his room, but since I didn’t see her entering through the door, I presume that she hid in the room somewhere before. They kept discussing for some moments and she suddenly stabbed master in his heart, and she right away runs out through the balcony. Then, I was about to chase after the she-killer, I heard your screams and I found you in the room with Mr. Crusoe, Mr. Ceasar, and Mrs. Flanders. “

“You see, no need to give away your precious tears to an untamed man. Cry for his death but not for his love. You deserve better ones.”

That night, Friday kindly wiped the bloody dagger, inherited from his father. He was for the first time, falling asleep in complete happiness because he was sure to dream lovely days to spend with his dear Imoinda in his dreams.

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