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Aphg religion

The maps in this chapter indicate that in Austria and the South Pacific
Less than half the people are Protestant

Judaism is classified as an ethnic rather than a universalizing religion primarily because
It’s rituals derive from agricultural cycle in Israel

What penalty was imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan
Men were beaten for shaving beards, homosexuals burned alive, prostitutes were hung in public, thieves hands were cut off

It is reasonable to summarize that historically when signs were posted in store windows warning no Irish need apply the store owner may also have been
A Protestant discriminating against from Catholic immigrants

Religion is a good example of tension between globalization and local diversity because…
Religion represents core cultural values and beliefs that may conflict with others

It is reasonable to hypothesize that during the Mexican – American war when some Irish soldiers deserted from the US Army to join the Mexican army instead most were at least partly motivated by
Feelings of loyalty toward fellow Roman Catholics

A geographer researching the practices of Tibetan buddhists as well as the world travels of the Dalai Lama is studying
Spatial connections in religion

The UN’s partition plan dividing Palestine placed Jerusalem under
UN administration

Jerusalem’s geography represents a particularly difficult religious conflict to resolve because sacred sites to__ and__ are literally the one on top of the other
Jews and Muslims

Pilgrimage plays a significant role and ethnic religions were not in universalizing religions

Islam is a less hierarchal religion than Christianity

The maps and diagrams in this chapter help us summarize that a person from northern Germany is more likely to be an adherent of

For most of the past 2000 years most Jews have been
Highly clustered in present day Israel

Given the Soviet Union’s policies towards religion discussed in this chapter, a historian could hypothesize that in the United States, Cold War opposition to the Soviet Union was accompanied by a heightened
Emphasis on religion as a weapon against godless communism

Hinduism caste system
Assigns everyone to a distinct group

According to this map, Islam diffused initially to
SouthWest Asia and north Africa

Israel has controlled all of Jerusalem since
The Six-Day War in 1967

With respect to the relationship between culture, religion, and the physical environment
religious ideas may be responsible for some of the changes people make in the physical environment

Mahayanists, in contrast to Theravadists, emphasize Buddhas

Especially important in Confucianism is to
perform public service

Beliefs concerning the origin of the universe are

When geographers study the sites where religions originated as well as the processes by which those religions diffused to other locations, they are focusing on the
spatial connections in religions

The maps in this chapter indicate that Eastern Orthodoxy is a branch of Christianity prevalent in

Which is a branch of Christianity
Eastern Orthodox

Roman Catholics are clustered in the US southwest primarily because of migration of
Roman Catholics from Latin America

The barrier between Israel and West Bunk
Has been ruled as illegal by both Israeli and international courts but it is supported by other elements of the Israeli government

The concept of a Ghetto originally referred to the area of a city
Where Jews were forced to live

What two locations are Buddhists primarily clustered
East and South East Asia

Combining several traditions

What ethnic religion has by far the largest number of adherents

Dispersion of Jews out side of Israel

Religion is a good example of the tension between globalization and local diversity because
religion represents core cultural values and beliefs that may conflict with others

Especially important in Daoism is to
reflect on the mystical and magical aspects of life

A relatively small group that has broken away from an established church is a

Eastern orthodoxy is a branch of Christianity prevalent in

Lutheranism is an example of a Christian



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