Apex Door Company Essay

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Apex Door Company

The case is about Apex Door Company and its president Jim Dellani who has problems with his employees. The summary of the problem is the following: employees of the company do their work in their own way and their mistakes cost a lot of money to the company, there is no formal training process of new employees, employees don’t know how to use the multipage order form, job descriptions are not updated.

1. Our attitude towards the training process in Apex Door is the following: * As far as there are no updated job descriptions in the company a trainer usually performs an improper training to a new employee. He does it in his own way. * Training is usually the same on every level of the company. There is no difference what position a new employee will obtain. * Training period is 1-2 weeks. We think that on some levels this amount of time is not enough. * Employees show a lack of interest in what they do * We also think that this company does not have a good structure otherwise why does the president tell his employees how to carry out their responsibilities. This is the task of managers or head of departments.

2. First of all the heads of departments of the company should make the job analysis and look through the job specifications. Then, they will have to update job descriptions in the company. Secondly, proper and structured coaching on the job training should be given. Managers have to look through the alternative trainings for the employees and to choose those that will be effective. Managers also have to think how to organize this training and evaluate.

3. The organization of the training should be started from setting the objectives and creation the motivation for the training. As far as we cannot stop the process of manufacturing the training should be provided on the working place mostly. We can use the group method (lecture), training of newly-comers in the classrooms and at their working places, on-line studying, studying with the help of video conferences. The company can also organize the training of managers and etc. Each level of the company can use the most appropriate method for them. After training it would be useful to organize the evaluation to see if the training was successful.

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