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A Raisin in the Sun

...A Raisin in the Sun is a story of the Younger Family dealing with racial problems in Chicago slums. Ten thousand dollars arrives in the mail and Lena has to decide what to do with it. Bennie wants it for tuition money, Walter wants it for down payment for the liqueur store and Ruth just wants everyone to be happy. So there is three major events happening: (1) Lena decides to buy a house in a white neighborhood, (2) Lena entrusts the rest of the money to Walter telling him to save a good amount f...

Housing shortage in big cities

...There are several reasons why only government action can solve this problem. Firstly, only government can limit the number of migrations. Most of the migrants think that they could find some jobs in cities, but eventually they could not find any job, so they continue to stay in cities in order to search for other opportunities. While more and more people doing the same thing, they did not contribute anything to the society, but only stay at home, it makes others who have a job but hardly ever to...

Effects of gadgets addiction among teenagers

...Champ Aqua Farm and Resort is located at 168 Dulong Barrio, Matungao, Bulakan, Bulacan and it offers a resort and reservation of facilities and amenities for the customers. The resort uses manual business transactions with its customers. They are using a manual process in booking, reservations and logging names of customers. The resort has two swimming pools, two function halls, three houses for accommodation (Farm House, Brick House and Summer House), twelve cottages, three floating cottages, o...

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American Colonial Period

...His first work, the Ideal Theater (now replaced by another building) on Rizal Avenue, Manila, built in 1933, was notable for its strong, rectangular masses and minimum decoration. Antonio could afford to be daring. He was one architect who from early experience was familiar with the rich possibilities of materials and the practical side of construction. The main building of the Far Eastern University (FEU) on Quezon Boulevard was another exercise in architectural virility. Boldly projecting pier...

Personal Narrative: Struggle for the American Dream

...Now, I am so glad to be able to go to a home that I have so many fond memories in. I get to tutor for my dream family, the same family that I used to wish I could be apart of. Everyday when I approach the green front gate and wait to be buzzed in, I look up high at the roof of the house and I say, wow—I wish that was my house. When the large front door opens with the surrounding stain glass windows, and Mariam opens the door with a big smile on her face greeting me in the door, I think to mys...

Toilet Training

...Baby Centre. (2013). Potty training for boys. Retrieved from http://www. babycentre. co. uk/a548955/potty-training-for-boys Mayo Clinic. (1998-2013). Potty training: How to get the job done. Retrieved from http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/potty-training/CC00060 The Pottyville Wizard. (2008-2010). Potty Training Mission. Retrieved from http://www. thepottyvillewizard. com/Potty_Training_Mission. html Wood, S. (2011, May). DITCH the DIAPERS. Parenting Early Years, 25(4), 4. Retreived from EBSCOh...

Boarding house

...For example, I said some rude words at my friend who just came into my room when I was concentrating on my test studies. On top of that, I became aware that I am lazy. Once I was scolded for not doing the weekly duty allotted. I have recognized many bad parts of my identity, and I wish to change them in the future. To conclude, I came to value friends and family with my boarding experience. The things I value is a important part of my identity. I also started to want to improve the bad character...

Interior design

...Murdock and McCorn pointed out that for example, Presley was adored only by one fifth of interviewed people, the rest pointed out Pat Boone. The first was a rebel and anti authority, and the second encompassed an image of adult approved and self established artist. (Brake 1990) This comes to prove the somehow exaggerated statements on youth culture in the mid and late 1970s (Norton, et al. 2008). The same concerns also the available data on teenagers; they were described as looking glamour, attr...

Setting of “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl

...The flowers and the green-velvety fabric fitted perfectly together. I inspected the haft-dark room closely from the wooden window. The first thing I saw when I peered through the glass was a ball of blazing fire flittering in the hearth. The fire danced with enthusiasm and gave its heat generously to the surroundings. The room was filled with pleasant, homey furniture. Some plump armchairs, a big comfy sofa, and an old baby-grand piano were displayed in the cozy interior. All curled up on the fe...

Fire Safety

...It is still the easiest way to protect life. If building does not have a fire safety , it will be done by the fire. The fire will just take less than three minutes for a small flame to turn into a full blown fire , so people should have a fire safety in their houses. There were a lot of fires were about to get started , but they did not start because of fire safety. In this paper I am going to write about; definition, history, how to use fire safety, how fire safety works, how important fire saf...

House and Apartment: Similarities and Differences

...“It is cheaper then living in a traditional house and paying different kinds of fees I am not familiar with.” (IELTS Essay Task 2: Apartment Or House, paragraph 2, http://www.goodatesl.com/ielts/writing-ielts/ielts-writing-task-2/ielts-essay-task-2-apartment-or-house.html, 2010). Secondly, living in apartment would give you feel secure and that is real. “Most apartment buildings offer 24 hour security and security cameras throughout the facility to ensure that tenants do not have to worry ...

Irregular Students

...As used in the study, it refers to the type of residence of the respondents. No Boarders. They are who stayed on their own home for free. As used in the study, it refers to another type of residence of the respondents. They are those who traveled from their home to school. BSMAR-E. It is a program that provides knowledge and skills to students on the fundamentals of the operation of the ships main engine, adjunct and auxiliary machinery and the safe operation and maintenance of the ships electri...

My Favourite Holiday Destination

...So far 225 types of birds are recorded in Nal Sarovar area. 140 of them are water-birds and 70 of them are migratory. Some of the species are Flamingo, Pelican Egret, Heron, Ducks, Cormorant, Crane etc. On the weekends, it is one of the busiest tourist attraction spots of Ahmedabad. Hundreds of people throng this place. To relieve your stress level, it is one of the best weekend getaway. . I am not a party animal -so that’s explains why I prefer this place. I’ve always loved to stay at the c...

My Childhood Memories

...If I only could I’d give everything to return these days even though for couple hours. Everything we did we did together, everything I had to share I shared with her and she treated the same way with me. One of the best things I remember is how we went to the seaside everyday. It took us 15 minutes to walk there and we spend nearly whole day there. I liked to go there with her very much; we’ve had so much fun together. Well, also one of the reasons was my friend Tima, 6 years older than me, ...

‘Ruins of a Great House’ and One Other Poem

...The tone of ‘The House’ is extremely important because it communicates the exact mood of the poem to the reader. This poem has a very gloomy and sad tone. We know this by looking the sounds that are used and the rhyme scheme. There is no rhyme scheme for this poem and this helps to bring out the gloomy tone that the poet is trying to achieve. If there were a rhyme scheme then the poem would sound more bright and rhythmic, almost having a sense of musicality to it, which would spoil the overa...

Dr. Gregory House

...In addition, low self-esteem can be part of the problem in engaging in such dangerous and high risk activities. House needs to address both his physical condition that causes him embarrassment, and his abandonment issues with his family. I feel as time goes on, and he gives recovery and relationships with others a chance, he will begin to see himself as a person worth caring for. Once he begins to feel that he is valuable and deserving of love from others, he should be able to accept this within...

Living in a Flat or a House?

...Some people prefer to live in a flat, while there are more advantage to live in a house. Are there more advantage than disadvantage of living in a house compared with living in flat? Yes,there are more advantages living in a house than in a flat. My first point is people like to have there privacy. As a example some people like to listen loud music,in a flat they can't listen music as they wish. Other things is people found difficulty to hang their clothes because flat spaces are limited or some...

Tropical Design

...Architecture in the philippines is slowly coping up with the "standards" of modern design yet it is specifically inappropriate to the country's climate tropical. It is composed of wet and dry seasons. and these can contribute discomforts to the people starting from their homes. introducing architectural solutions to combat scorching heat invevitable rainfalss inside and outside the house. Architects must realize that the building skin is not just specifying materials and creating a facade for ae...

Wills and Trusts

...Furthermore, the act of Tom in renting the apartment building to Ben at $200 per month less than the prevailing rent is also violative of his duties as a trustee. This would result in the reduction of the income from the apartment building by $2400 per annum to the detriment of Abe. The fact that Ben is an eventual beneficiary is of no moment. Ben has a future interest in the property but this does neither include the right to present possession nor enjoyment of the proper...

Living in an Apartment or Living in a House

...For some people, having a large kitchen where you can cook and a full-sized living room where all their friends and family can watch the game may be more appealing than a compact apartment space. Having a house is ideal if you need more space. For those of us who only need a room to stay in, I would advise them to rent an apartment. A house is good for a big family and people who want their privacy. In an apartment, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with all the appliances and have to c...

South Korea

...“Dwelling Age, Redevelopment, and Housing Prices: The Case of Apartment Complexes in Seoul” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 30:1 (2005): 55-80. Lee, Jin K. and Ahn Kun H. “Categorization and Effectiveness of Korean Housing Policy - An Analysis of Effectiveness and Price Impact. ” 2002. 27 April 2007 <www. asres. org/2004Conference/papers/Lee%20&%20Ahn. doc>. Pyo, Hak K. , “Investment Stagnation in East Asia and Policy Implications for Sustainable Growth. ” Kore...

Ideal City

...Drama groups and artists perform in the street and a music festival regularly takes place for everyone’s Greatest pleasure. (Fanny) Criminals & delinquents are supervised by cameras. In case of a problem the police or the firemen are there immediately (Vanessa) No Poverty in this ideal town.There aren’t any homeless & beggars. Charities accommodate them in decent buildings. Students no longer sleep in cars or squats. (Marjorie /Mrs Lombrana) The rents are not excessively high, everyb...

Analysis of two stories from Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected

...Then he said "Are you sure Mulholland and Temple are upstairs?" with a stiff look on his face. "Of course they are, my dear. I'm sure they are enjoying themselves, you shouldn't worry that much." She answered. Billy's eyes flickered and his legs felt so heavy, when he tried to stand up. "Sit down, my dear. It will soon be over" she said, with a calm tone in her voice, like nothing was wrong. Billy couldn't walk, so he sat down again and tried to hold his head still. "Something is wrong with me! ...

Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies: Summary of This Blessed House

...Objects also carry significance and reflect the emotions throughout the story. In particular, the weeping Jesus poster that Twinkle insists on keeping is a hit at the party. Twinkle does compromise and hangs the poster on the back of the door to her study but then ends up pointing the poster out to guests, to Sanjeev’s dismay. Her willingness to compromise is undone by her going against his wishes. The Virgin Mary statue found in the garden precipitates a fight between the couple. Twinkle’s ...

Secrets a House Basement Keeps

...All of my life I have wondered what lies in the decrepit house at the end of the street, or the little house on the way to school, or the perfect house in the wealthy neighborhood you drive through. I have learned from an early age that a house isn’t just about the wrap around porch, rocking chair, the bright red door, or a perfectly hung door hanger. A house has stories and secrets that lie below the surface, that no one knows or sees. The unknown is what keeps me from opening any doors in ho...

The Scariest Experience In My Life

...After all this time, I can count it as the scariest experience in my life. About four months we moved in, Dad fell ill with heart disease. At first, there should be a medicine that can cure Dad"s disease. But, the situation is never going the same as what in the statement said. Eventually, Dad passes away after he stayed two days in the hospital. Strangely, after he died, we never heard from Amandha Elizabeth again. Most of us were convinced that Amandha Elizabert wanted revenge and she got it. ...

Knowing whether the resource is properly utilized or


High Rise

...The opening sentence of the book, ‘Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the dog, Dr Robert Laing reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building during the previous three month’ encapsulates the peculiarity of the events that occur within the high rise, as residents are able to leave at any time but choose not to, they instead choose to stay living in the middle of stink ridden mess for the protection of their territory. The use of the word ‘unusu...

CHAPTER TWOLITERATURE REVIEW20 IntroductionThis review focuses on

...According to Begum (2015), an enquiry into the affordable housing practices in different continents provides a generalized understanding of varied options available and approaches adopted all over the world to address the affordable housing problem, these include: massive state housing of the communist regimes, social housing of the post-communist and welfare regimes of the central and eastern European countries, market interventionist social approach of the western European countries, market ap...

The light bulk of the house is supported by a metal ring

...When this house in Germany was originally built in 1970, it had very quirky interior design that was very odd at the time. It had carpet glued to the ceiling. We imagine it generally being a pain to clean lead to its removal, but it still was acceptable and ‘groovy’. The house is still in mint condition, even after 50 years later. The outer skin/shell has not changed. However, the function of the house is now changed to a bureau. This house is built in 1979. According to Feierbach, it did no...

"House on Mango Street" by San Cisneros

...Alicia, Esperanzas friend studies all night because she's afraid of end up having a life similar to her mother.'You just remember to keep writing Esperanza. Just keep writing. It will keep you free and I said yes, but at the same time I didn't know what she meant, ' (61). Esperanza loves and enjoys writing. For a woman to have freedom is a very important thing to Esperanzas aunt. Although, when Esperanzas aunt told her that her writing will keep her free she did not understand. Now that she ...

Quarantine at Home

...Whenever you’re bored, see if you can beat your siblings in board games, go through old albums with your parents, or watch soap operas with your grandparents. Being stuck inside the house means that one does not get to enjoy fast food. What better way to fix that than by making it yourself? Whip up some delicious cookies, impress your family with a homemade pizza, the possibilities are endless! Use your free time to get creative. Make a scrapbook, write poetry, or play an instrument of your ch...

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