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Ap US History Chapters 16-17 Study Guide Essay

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1. Harriet Beecher Stowe- uncle tom’s cabin: anti-slavery novel (fictional) (DABCD)

2. Country of Liberia- (Africa) liberty, stable

3. Luis Tappan- helped Theodore Well. He was a wealthy New York businessman who had house burnt down by angry mob.

4. William Lloyd Garrison- Wrote liberator newspaper, super radical( influenced John Brown. He thought only was to be armed and fight back. He hired an editor who wld leave & start his own paper (Fredrick Douglas). Burned constitution in anger.

5. David Walker- former slave who was able to buy himself out, bloody radical.

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6. Nat Turner- Was a slave in Virginia who fled, and arranged the slave rebellion. But got arrested/executed bc someone snitched. He was also a preacher despite not being fully literate. Bc of him, situation got worse & more ppl got scared.

7. Sir Walter Scott- English writer who romanticized slavery

8. Theodore Dwight Weld- powerful & started emancipation. Was leader of Lane Rebels. Wrote powerful antislavery works.

9. Elijah Lovejoy- preacher of evils of slavery and abolitionist martyr. He was beat to death by angry mob.

10. John Brown- murdered people

11. Primary market for Southern cotton production: Britain

12. Confederacy tried 2 get help from: Britain

13. Among eco consequences of south, wht was a bad consequence? Dependent on North (manufacturing & textile; consumption of cotton( trade)

a. 10% in South, & 90% in North (manufacturing)

14. Most southerner slaves had: fewer than 10

15. A large portion of profits of cotton went to: North Traders & manufacturers (European)

16. Only group of southerners who opposed white slave owners: Appalachian Mountain whites (independent)

17. members of planter aristocracy had: keen sense for society and what they did

18. Most pro union of white southerners: Appalachian mountain men

19. By 1860, flight for slaves was most different in: Newer states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (hardest slave life)

20. Perhaps the slaves greatest horror: forced separation of families

21. Forced sep of family most occurred in: small plantation and farms in upper south

22. Most slaves raised in: stable 2-person households

23. Those in North who opposed absolutist believed: creating disorder in America

24. Conflict between Taylor & Whig party leader clay issue was: banking & tariffs

25. To bring more $ into Federal treasury, John Taylor: signed into law modification that protected tariff

26. Nomination of James Polk in election anticipated by: Expansionists

27. Wilmot Proviso: allowed slavery & symbolized burning issue of slavery on territory

28. Largest single territory gain: Louisiana Purchase

29. Spanish Franciscan missionaries treated Spanish of California: very harshly/badly/almost like slaves.

30. Group that was most supp. of gaining control: Northern Democracy

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