AP Human Geography: Chapter 1- Section 3&4 Notes

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is a force or process that involves the entire word and results in making something worldwide in scope

How was the recession that began in 2008 an example of globalization?
The entire world was in debt for more than a half a century (together)

In what ways is globalization of culture manifested in the landscape? Provide an example
Globalization of culture is manifested in the landscape can be by culture beliefs. An example is making fast food chains that all have the same appearance so that wherever you go you know where you can eat.

In what ways has the communications revolution played a role in globalization?
The communications revolution played a role in globalization because during the communications revolution, there were newspapers being invented so that everyone could know the ‘worldwide’ news.

Why might some group(s) of people oppose globalism or globalization?
Some groups might oppose globalism or globalization because there is such an advance in technology and they might not be able to keep up with different trends.

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They might also oppose it because then some of their culture might “fade away” based on what people are doing and the whole idea of globalization.

is the physical gap or interval between two objects

The arrangement of a feature in a space

is the frequency with which something occurs in space

The way in which a feature is spread over space is known as concentration. What are the opposite ends of the spectrum of concentration?
If an object in an area are close together they are considered clustered

If an object is relatively far apart they are considered dispersed

List the two different types of pattern given in the text
geometric pattern and an irregular pattern

In what ways does each of the following play a role in geography?
Space may be designed to appear to a cultural group or to repel that group.

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Ex: Bar that appeals to whites may repeal a person of color

Some activities that people participate depend on gender (type of activity determines the location of the activity)
Ex: Dance studio/Little League

Sexual Orientation
Homosexuals may be drawn to a place to reinforce spatial interaction with other gays
Ex: Communities of Gay couples

In the past, most interaction between places required what?
required physical movement of settlers, explorers and plunderers from one location to another

Describe the phenomenon known as distance decay
is the lessening interaction between places as the friction of distance increases; The phenomenon know as distance decay is when contact diminishes with increasing distance and eventually disappears. In the world today it is less common and severe because connection between places takes much less time.

What is space-time compression?
Space-time compression is the reduction in time it takes for something to reach another place because of a change in technology.

How has interaction between places changed? (think networks)
Interaction between places changed because of the technology. Technology makes getting news faster, watching tv more easily, and accessing social sites more efficiently.

Give some examples of things that retard interaction among groups.
oceans, deserts and unequal access to electronics.

Global culture and economy are increasingly centered in the 3 core (hearth) regions of
North America

What are the three major reasons for these three areas being hearths?
1. Large percentage of the world’s technology
2. Capital to invest in new activities
3. Wealth to purchase goods and services

Explain why there is an increasing economic gap between regions in the world. (AKA: uneven development)
The increasing economic gap between regions in the world are in between regions in the core and periphery that results from the globalization in the economy.

Explain the difference between renewable resources and nonrenewable resources.
Renewable resource is is produce by nature more rapidly than it is consumed by humans. A nonrenewable resource is produced in nature more slowly than it is consumed by humans.

What are the two major misuses of resources geographers observe?
Two major misuses of resources geographers observe are humans deplete nonrenewable resources, such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal. The other reason is that humans destroy otherwise renewable resources through pollution of air, water, and soil.

is the use of Earth’s renewable and nonrenewable natural resources in ways that ensure resource availability in the future.

Explain two major criticisms about sustainability
that it’s too late to discuss sustainability and humans have not exceeded Earth’s capacity (resource availability does not have a maximum).

What are the types of climates geographers identify? (by letter and name)
A: Tropical Climates
B: Dry Climates
C:Warm Mid-Latitude Climate
D:Cold Mid-Latitude Climate
E:Polar Climate

In what major way does climate influence human activities? (Give an example)
of the temperature in each of the climates. For example, no one really lives in the north pole because it is very cold up there.

Why are human geographers interested in ecosystems involving interaction of humans with the biosphere and abiotic spheres?
Human geographers interested in ecosystems involving interaction of human with the biosphere and abiotic spheres to ensure that humans have their resources to keep on surviving.

For example- soil: What are the two major problems with which geographers are concerned as far as soil is concerned?
The two major problems with which geographers are concerned with as far with soil is erosion and depletion of nutrients.

Cultural Ecology
is the geographic study of human environment relationships. It goes back 200 years ago to an era when early scientists traveled the globe observing how people lived in different environments.

Environmental determinism
is an approach mady by Humboldt and Ritter, 19th century geographers, which concentrated on how the physical environment caused social development, applying laws from the natural sciences to understanding relationships between the physical environment and human actions.

is the theory that the physical environment may set limits on human actions, but people have the ability to adjust to the physical environment and choose a course of action from many alternatives

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